Building A Whole New Game Out Of Skyrim

Building A Whole New Game Out Of Skyrim

Way back in 2013, I wrote about a mod called Enderal, a very ambitious attempt at creating an all-new game out of Skyrim’s bones, with a new map, new buildings, new characters, the works. Shockingly, considering the way most of these things usually go, it’s actually finished!

The team behind the total conversion (who are also behind a similar total conversion for Oblivion, called Nehrim) say it will be out next week, between July 1-3. The catch: because it’s being made by Germans, it’s being released first in German. English-speakers will have to wait “some weeks” for a translation.

If you don’t want to wait, and just want to check out how it all looks, head to the mod’s homepage next week and download it. Being a mod, it’s free.

Note that this is basically a full new game, that doesn’t just have its own story and characters, but features “overhauled skill systems and gameplay mechanics” as well.


  • Still baffles me why the people who have the skill to do this create these “mods” for free.

    • Baffles me where they find the time to even contemplate taking on projects like this, let alone actually doing it, let alone actually finishing it!

      • Yep, I’ve been intending to learn how to make a game and create something of some sort…..between working 2 jobs and having a wife and 2 kids and some general gaming I struggle a bit to find time.

        Haven’t touched my project since October last year.

    • I have a theory that it’s quite difficult to get work as a developer, so this is kind of like a way of showing off your portfolio to would be employers?

      • That’s how it used to be back in the days. Make a good Quake or Unreal mod and get noticed and hopefully hired. These days with so many free tools and the eases of self publishing why not just make your own thing and get some cash from it?

        • Depends where you want to work. If these people are hoping to work at Bethesda if helps to demonstrate a high level of proficiency with their tool set.

      • I assume they made this in their free time since it’s free and they actually have a day job already. If that’s the case then they could just as easily make a stand alone game rather than a mod and become indie developers and sell through Steam etc like all the other indie devs.

        There’s no need to do a mod to create a portfolio when the same can be done making a stand alone game and earning cash.

        • Sure but then you end up with yet another steam greenlight game no one notices.
          But tons of people own Skyrim and at least with a mod it’s mostly changing assets – the core is already there.

          • That’s right. There’s very little chance that a few developers could make a game like this, that looks like this and is as big as this if they were just starting from scratch.

    • Part of it comes down to passion for the game & part of it comes down to building their own portfolio of games design if they wish to get a job in the industry. This way potential employers can see just what contribution that a modder can do

  • Looks incredible. I admire the effort people put into making things like this, good on them. Hopefully they can make more games and get paid for it in the future 🙂

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