It Appears Cammy Can Pull Packages Out Of Her Butt

Previously, we reported what you could expect with Street Fighter V's upcoming story mode. Now, 10 minutes of footage seems to have popped up online.

Image: Capcom via Albear Sixsmith | YouTube

Note: This article might contain spoilers as well as content some readers find objectionable.

The footage shown below looks totally bonkers. The first minute is, well, especially nuts (in a good way, though).

But! The bit that really stands out is later in the clip when Cammy gives Chun-Li a package. She seems to pull said item out of somewhere.

Before, Cammy produces said package, we get a long shot from behind.

Image: Capcom via Albear Sixsmith | YouTube

OK, she doesn't appear to hiding anything.

Image: Capcom via Albear Sixsmith | YouTube

Perhaps, the package was in her leg strap pocket?

Image: Capcom via Albear Sixsmith | YouTube

Hrm. She produces the package from behind, not to the side where the leg strap pockets are. She doesn't have pockets back there.

Image: Capcom via Albear Sixsmith | YouTube

That moment somebody gives you a wrapped package from their butt.

[GIF: Capcom via Albear Sixsmith | YouTube]

The upcoming Street Fighter V story mode will be free and is slated for release later this month.


    95% of shooters pull their guns outta nowhere and nobody batts an eyelid.

      True, but in all fairness to the article, 95% of shooters don't animate their characters reaching
      for their butts and pulling out a gun.

    There's gotta be a joke to be made here about pulling one's package out of-

    Wait, there it is.

    Last edited 12/06/16 12:31 am

    C'mon now, there's no way you're going to fit an entire ladder in your pocket!

    It sounds like a scene from an Austin Powers movie..

    What's up with Guile's hair? It looks like he got his stead stuck in a tree stump.

    ...dat ass ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    I can't stop to watch Guile's arms. This worry me more than the package and Cammy's butt.

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