Chinese Splatoon Rip-Off Sure Looks Like Splatoon

Something about this Chinese mobile game looks... similar... to another game I like. I can't quite place it, though.

It might be its cast of spritely kids with neon hair that resembles tentacles. But, on second thought, maybe that's just a really popular and unoriginal thing in video games.

It could be the game mechanic where you attack enemies with ink cannons. Oh, no, in the other game I'm thinking of, I used paint guns and paint rollers.

The blocky, futuristic urban architecture is reminiscent of something... Ah, but the lettering is Chinese. How confusing. I just can't figure this out!

I'm totally stumped.


    Hence 'Rip-Off' rere.

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    suddenly Nintendo's paranoia about having its original ideas being ripped-off (hence not revealing the NX at e3) starts to make sense!

      Nintendo innovate, and when they succeed they get copied.

      Take for Example the PSX Controller, The PS3 Move Controller.

      Interesting, but not surprisingly and perhaps quite justified in this case is that Nintendo have had the Video Blocked on copy right grounds.

    Surely in a country of over a billion people there's gotta be a least one fkn person there with an original thought in their head (that isn't either laughably crap or pounced upon by their fun loving government as naughty in some way or another) and the drive to make it commercially viable? No? Anyone? Why, China? Why do you do this? What caused this mindset of forgoing originallity for endless knockoffs almost at a national past-time level?

    Nintendo got a Chinese developer working on mobile ports of their Wii U games?

    Hopefully we get some English versions on the app store.

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