Cosplayers Were Out In Force At Yesterday's Warcraft Movie Premiere

Blizzard knows its audience — and it knows that most of its audience is probably following at least one cosplayer on Facebook. It's no surprise then that a number of cosplayers were invited to Warcraft premieres around the world, bringing with them epic armour and skin painted in almost all colours of the rainbow (but with a distinct preference for green).

Lead Image: TCL Chinese Theatres

The US premiere at TCL Chinese Theatre attracted the likes of Jessica Nigri, Alicia Marie and Lyz Brickley, with their costumes adding a little colour to the glamour of the 'black carpet'.

Closer to home, Sydney cosplayer Ardella repped the movie's half-orc Garona on the red carpet, and cosplayers turned up to premieres in capital cities across the country.

From the general reaction to the Warcraft film thus far, it doesn't look like it's likely to get a sequel, but maybe other geeky films will take Warcraft's lead in getting cosplayers on their red carpets more often.


    you mean the general reaction from the public means it will likely get a sequel. non critics and fans that have seen it in rest of the world seem to rate it at a solid 7/10. its only the critics that have been bashing it because its not GoT or LotR.

    The reason Michael Bay still has a job, overseas markets are where the money is. China, South Korea, Asia, Eastern Europe, Russia. Criticism doesn't translate across languages and cultural barriers and they have large populations that still think cinemas are pure escapism for things that make you want to forget about thinking... not overthink it.

    And not a single person dressed up in star-trek cosplay? damn

    I would spew if I was behind someone with massive horns on there lower your horns!!!! :-)

      Don't worry, we changed into normal clothes before going to watch the movie ;)

    "Blizzard knows its audience — and it knows that most of its audience is probably following at least one cosplayer on Facebook."

    I think you are massively, massively overestimating how much the general gaming population cares about cosplay.

      Even if you don't follow a page, you're probably friends with at least one. Cosplayers exist as a part of the general gaming population :)

        Mmm, perhaps. I don't dislike cosplay - it's another geeky hobby and that's cool with me. I just think that the large majority gamers don't feel any more strongly about it than 'it can be kind of cool to see at events, I guess' and so aren't really interested in following the scene.

        In retrospect the way I phrased that comment was pretty douchey though and I feel bad about that.

    I saw this on Tuesday... There were only 2 Cosplayers and they didnt want photos taken with other people. Typical Night Elves.

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