Criterion's Extreme Sports Game Is No More

At EA's press conference at E3 two years ago, there was a curious video involving Criterion and a whole mishmash of vehicles and activities. It looked like it might be a extreme sports spin on Burnout Paradise, something that might finally satiate fans waiting for years for the studio to follow up on their classic arcade racer.

But that project has since been canned.

An EA spokesperson has told Gamespot that the project has been put on ice, with Criterion being redeployed to help "collaborate with other EA studios" as well as working on other IP and projects.

One of those projects include the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront: X-Wing VR Mission for Playstation VR, with Criterion already having contributed to the speeder bikes in Battlefront.

Criterion also contributed to Battlefield Hardline, and worked on Need for Speed: Most Wanted and Need for Speed: Rivals in years past.

"While they've moved on from the previous project they've spoken about and aren't pursuing it, they are continuing to build new ideas and experiment with new IP for EA," the EA rep was quoted as saying.


    Maybe it'll comeback as a vr game extreme sports in vr would be really cool, vr I gonna be really cool it's gonna allow us to do things that not many people get to do in real life, like fly jets go into space, and even be super heroes, I'd like to see a power rangers game in vr cause I always wondered what they see threw those black visors

    Shame. If it was anything like Motorstorm it would have been sweet.

    I thought people were saying Criterion got killed off.

    Can't keep track of what's what any more.

      The last thing the Criterion we knew and loved worked on was Need for Speed Rivals, in collaboration with Ghost Games. When that game was complete EA decided that Ghost was going to handle all NFS games going forward, and split Criterion into two.

      The majority of the staff became Ghost Games UK, while the remaining 17 people (which included the founders) kept the name and was going to work on something new. That "something new" turned out to be the first person extreme sports game. Later on the founders left Criterion to form the independent studio Three Fields Entertainment, who recently released Dangerous Golf.

      So it is a bit hard to tell how the current Criterion relates to the old one other than in name.

    Awww, I was really looking forward to that one. Was starting to wonder why we hadn't heard any more about it though, guess we know now.

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