Dammit Konami, Metal Gear Pachinko Is Really Happening

For the longest time, there's been a gag that Konami was going to turn Metal Gear Solid into a pachinko machine, like it did with Castlevania and Silent Hill. That is no longer a gag. It's real. [GIF via Konami]

So, yes. Here, via Otaku.com, we have Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater, the pachinko slot game.

Last spring, Kotaku reported that Konami had filed a trademark for a Metal Gear pachinko slot game. And today, we get this.

At least they didn't make it erotic.


    Today, in Gamers Discover Their Overall Value...

    It's the HD renders of scenes from Snake Eater that really gets me, though.

    Such a waste.

    I don't remember Snake Eater looking that good.

    Well they have to make money somehow since their best Dev left

    So this is what Konami thought would make them more money than PT

    These guys own 3 of my favourite IPs. And persist in pissing away it all.
    It's inexplicable and ridiculous.
    it's like they are fucking retarded.

    Easily the worst game company nose dive in history.

    meanwhile there's a Konami weekend sale on the Humble Store, but whenever I look at it there are no actual games there (I hope it's a glitch and just not loading the entries for now... but being Konami I can't be certain)

      Aaand it's gone. I was wondering that too

    Well, if they were hinting at it before, they might as well confirm it: Konami have officially gone insane.

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