Dark Souls Players Are Flooding Back To The Original Game Right Now

It's been almost five years since the release of Dark Souls, and most people have moved onto other games. But a group of hardcore fans aren't letting the game die without a fight, resulting in today's Global Restart Day. The idea began on the Dark Souls subreddit, which recently passed a 100,000 subscribers milestone. Global Restart Day is meant to celebrate that, "all in hopes of making the game as lively as when it was in its prime!"

That day was yesterday for Australia, but now the rest of the world has caught up and original Dark Souls is now flooded with players.

"It's been so long since I've heard the bell of the Gargoyles ringed by other players," said reddit user nobuhiro. "It makes me very happy. Also, the amount of summoning signs are incredible."

Dark Souls isn't the same experience without other people, so if you've been looking for a reason to jump in and play, now's a good time. The idea behind Global Restart Day isn't to only play today; it's to start another playthrough, engage in jolly cooperation and celebrate a modern classic.


    So they finally fixed the multiplayer problems on Steam for DS1?


      Creepy not funny laugh is hard to do on the interwebs.

    Dammit! I only just bought Dark Souls 3 yesterday...

    Patrick, you may want to add a link to this Reddit page: https://www.reddit.com/comments/4ge5ah/beginners_guide_to_the_installation_of_dark_souls/

    On it is a certain mod known as DSCM. It helps PC users to connect to other players, since the default multiplayer system for DS1 on PC is rather borked.

    Been enjoying a Giant Dad run, which is my first run through a DS game without a shield. Very different experience.

    Last edited 11/06/16 4:31 pm

    No way I'm doing that Ornstein and Smough fight again.

    I have always been able to assist players with areas some more than most others. I have been on and off restarting this game for the past 3 years. It has never died just dormant.

    The original is so good. Maybe the best game ever made. But nope, I'm not going back there.

    Aw fuck, I'm still actually playing through the game for the first time ever myself, actually. And I HATE the online features. I'm not some naive noob who believes the crap about "jolly cooperation", I'm fully aware that the only thing that awaits you if you go human (something you HAVE to do even to kindle bonfires for some stupid reason, even if it's only to get more Estus charges in PvE) is invaders swarming into your world to wreck your shit with abusive Giantdad builds because fucking with people is their sole reason for living. It's why I DREAD ever having to go human- the very first time I did, to kindle the first bonfire in Undead Parish, I IMMEDIATELY got invaded and killed.

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