Dead Space Is Back, As A Case Mod

Dead Space Is Back, As A Case Mod

We haven’t heard about the Dead Space series for years and, despite what people were hoping for, there aren’t any signs of a sequel any time soon.

But some segments of the gaming community are still keeping the game’s memory alive. Like Alex Ciobanu, who used the iconic survival horror as inspiration for one very, very cool case mod.

If you haven’t come across his work before, Ciobanu is behind the Simple Modz Facebook page. His latest work is an entry for the Cooler Master Case Mod World Series and the Australian and New Zealand-exclusive segment of the competition.

It’s a build using parts from Avexir, Kingston HyperX, ASUS, CableMod, Bitspower, Primochill and MercoMods. Cuts were made into the case, achieving a melted plastic effect, using a dremel tool.

A clear coat was used which helped to darken the rust effect on the case, while some smudges of white paint were also applied to bring the Dead Space feel together.

You can view the full specifications, as well as a timeline of the build’s progress, over at the Cooler Master forums. You can also vote on this, or any of the other entries for this year’s CaseMod World Series competition, here.