Destiny DLC Trailer Brings Gjallarhorn Back

A trailer for the new Destiny DLC Rise of Iron leaked out a little early yesterday, and though it was quickly taken down, the official trailer is now up. It also contains something that will twist the knickers of everyone who played the game back in its launch year: The rocket launcher Gjallarhorn is back. It's sporting the same design, only now you can get it in "Iron Black". And while there's a pre-order pitch to get hold of it, hopefully it will be available for everyone else as loot in the game as well.

The fine print for the Gjallarhorn pre-order offer. Maybe everyone else who completes the same quest just gets regular ol' Gjallarhorn?

That's kind of a big deal, because Gjallarhorn was a weapon of choice in the early days of the game, when it was massively overpowered. At Taken King's release last year, though, it didn't get any upgrades, meaning that while it was still technically in the game it was left behind in favour of Year Two gear.

Here's the trailer.

If you missed it yesterday, some details on the DLC spilled out from an Xbox store listing. You can check that out here.

Oh, and if you can't watch the video, here are some gifs showing the new story, new gear and new bad guys:

Oh hello there Captain Badarse

That new black/red armour is magnificent

New raid boss. Nope.


    Everyone gets it when they forge one from the iron lords armour in a mission, preordering just gets you the iron black version.

      Are you positive about this? Got confirmation link? Is that purely cosmetic or does it have different stats?

    Do they have public matchmaking for raids yet?

      nooope and unfortunately it's probably never going to happen

      No because it's still a bad idea. Even when you find people on LFG groups they can be flaky as shit the second you run into a difficult part. Raids are defined by their difficulty.

      The best solution would be a halfway point. You need at least a full fireteam of 3, then you can matchmake with other full fireteams of three, so you have at least 2 commited teams working together and people are more likely to know each other and less likely to bail.

      Also some sort of either, token system (you have to spend a token which isn't easy to get to attempt the raid each time, and dropping out loses you said token) or a reward system for joining a raid and staying in it til completion would be needed to encourage good behaviour.

        Raids are more defined by their complexity, not their difficulty in my opinion.

        Sure they are hard, especially at first when everyone is undergeared to at least some extent but it quickly becomes 'ok guys this is the precise set of instructions that you need to follow to complete this encounter' and anyone who wasn't around to learn those instructions in the first few weeks becomes one of the flaky people you describe - which I call not necessarily flaky but maybe inexperienced.

        That said we all have lives and it's annoying taking 3 hours for an encounter that should take 40 mins, especially when, for example, an LFGer claims to have done the raid, wipes a huge amount of times and then asks us what the trophy he just got was for at the end! True story, obviously.

          Nah the flaky people are those without the patience for those who weren't around in the first few weeks / don't have a regular group to play with. You got it backwards.

          It is annoying to have a raid drag out longer than it needs to, and the solution to that is that it is made clear where everyone's at at the start of the raid. Someone lying about finishing it is dick behaviour, someone refusing to play with someone who hasn't finished it is also arguably dick behaviour. Matchmaking would result in far more of this sort of behaviour.

        Totally valid points. It just sucks for me cause I only have one other friend that plays destiny and it would be way too much organising to get some lfg'ers as you say.

        The token system you described sounds like an eloquent solution though!

    The collector in me wonders if the pre-order version drops from the same quest instead of the normal version... in which case does getting one preclude getting the other? I'd hope the pre-order version dropping from the quest and the normal would unlock in the weapon collection terminal...

    Last edited 10/06/16 10:03 am

    When I checked this out and saw the gjallahorn bonus it just stunk of desperation. Which is kinda stupid as while I dont think I will get it the dlc itself sounds interesting.

      When I saw the ghallahorn bonus it stunk of awesomeness, so.....

    Nah Gally was special because it was hard to get and powerful. It's now neither of these things.

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