Detroit: Become Human Is Intense And Full Of Androids

Video: Detroit: Become Human is the latest game from Heavy Rain developers Quantic Dream. It's about a sci-fi Detroit where androids don't have human rights, a description that also applies to real Detroit. The trailer demonstrates moments of tense choice involving an unhinged android and a little girl. He holds her hostage on the roof of a skyscraper. There are many possible unhappy endings. I would argue that none of them are entirely happy.

It looks cool. It will be out sometime next year.


    Been keen for this ever since the Kara promo - do want!

    Been keen for this game since I saw the Kara demo around the time PS3 was launching, still keen for it but it looks like a heavy rain style game which im happy with providing it looks very pretty

    Won't be getting this because I'm already human & don't live in Detroit.

    Props to Sony for catering to such a niche market though.

    The reason the previous 2 trailers were brilliant and this game was interesting was Kara. Kara isn't in this trailer, and probably not even in the game, so fuck off.

      I think it's safe to assume that this is going to be Heavy Rain-style with multiple, interacting plotlines and characters. The point of the trailer was to show off a new character, as well as the depth of branching narratives. So perhaps, good sir, it is you who is the one who can fuck off.

        Well said, master rammol23. I appreciate your fuck off in this exchange, but stand by my fuck off in regards to lack of Kara.

    Sorry, history of David Cage games has taught me too well to get hyped for this.

    I love how they can now side-step all those criticisms of having an uncanny valley look by actually starring robots this time!

    There better be a button to call out for Jason or I'm not buying it.

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