DOOM Gets An Update, But No Vulkan

DOOM Gets An Update, But No Vulkan

Ever since the flashy launch for NVIDIA GTX 1080 in Austin, Texas, people have been waiting for id’s DOOM reboot to get Vulkan support.

Well, good news: DOOM’s getting an update over the next couple of days. Does it include Vulkan support? Well … no. But there’s a Photo Mode!

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The Photo Mode for DOOM’s campaign is arguably one of the larger additions in what id is calling the “first post-launch game update”. It’s rolling out on June 30 (July 1 Australian time) for all platforms.

Apart from a few important fixes for multiplayer around longer matchmaking times for larger lobbies and users on restricted NAT types being selected as the dedicated server lobby host, the patch also corrects one of the more annoying bugs on PC. Whenever you retrieved your save data from the Steam Cloud, developer mode would sometimes activate — which would prompt the game to tell you playing the campaign any further would have your save labelled as “cheating”.

Here’s the full list of additions:

New Features and Optimizations

  • Added Classic DOOM weapon placement/view model option (all modes)


  • Added Photo Mode (You’ll find the new Photo Mode toggle in the game settings. It is available through the pause menu once you are loaded into a map via Mission Select)


  • Updated weapon balance (live as of June 10, 2016)
  • Clan Arena and Freeze Tag now require the winning team to complete 5 rounds in order to win the match. (live as of June 10, 2016)
  • Customization UI has been implemented to show all possible unlocks
  • Cross Style option has been added to settings for MP.


  • Added Original Author to the map info page
  • Added a timeout for AFK in Lobby
  • Added a property to allow map authors to choose if SnapMap will auto-manage (hide/show) hand-placed AI
  • Added Enable/Disable to Shootable Trigger
  • Added Sky/Window props
  • Added an auto-rollback to previous version for corrupted maps
  • Improved sorting algorithms for Most Popular map searches

Single Player

  • Fixed Steam Friends’ Ultra-Nightmare Helmets not populating the map
  • Fixed freeze when opening weapon wheel at more than 142 FPS (PC)
  • Fixed quit to desktop when clicking campaign after initiating Dev Mode (PC)
  • Fixed “IDKFA” Trophy/Achievement not properly unlocking (all versions)
  • Fixed PS4 crash when reloading checkpoint in Foundry
  • Fixed some occurrences of the “Every Nook and Cranny” Trophy not unlocking after collecting all Doomguys (PS4)
  • Fixed an issue where the game required Internet access (Xbox One)


  • Fixed crash while experiencing server connection issues (PS4)
  • Fixed crash when a client suspends the game while a lobby loads into a match (PS4)
  • Various cosmetic and gameplay fixes
  • Matchmaking improvements
  • Fix for restrictive NAT types being chosen as dedicated server lobby host
  • Fix for larger lobbies having longer matchmaking times
  • Fix for Player getting left behind if they join a friend as the lobby countdown finishes
  • Bug and stability fixes


  • Fixed Asian language font issues
  • Fixed AI pathing error with certain types of props
  • Fixed error where multiple maps share the same Map ID
  • Various map error fixes
  • Various logic fixes
  • Various stability fixes


  • Fixed Dev Mode incorrectly triggering when the user retrieves their own save data from Steam Cloud


So there’s quite a bit in there — but what there isn’t is support for Crossfire/SLI setups, or Vulkan. And as you’d expect, people aren’t too happy.

It’s a good thing that DOOM is decently optimised already, then.


  • If Doom isn’t yet available on linux, not sure what the urgency on having vulkan support is. I know vulkan also going to run in windows and everything but is it going to make the game look any better than running it in DX? Maybe it will… dunno.

    • No, it will probably look the same. Just theoretically could get better performance.

      • Correct. Same look, better performance.

        Most people want Vulkan because more frames is always better. It also lowers the bar for people with no so high end hardware making things more accessible.

    • Doom actually uses OpenGL, not DirectX. Vulkan is essentially the next generation OpenGL. It supposedly offers better frame rates and better optimization.

    • windows only? its OpenGL API, so every O.S. every thing has opengl even your phone

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