Dual Universe Sounds Like A No Man's Sky MMO

Dual Universe sounds like an MMO take on No Man's Sky. Announced during the E3 PC Gaming Show, it takes place in a single, seamless, fully editable shared universe. You can fly between planets and space, build civilizations, and explore a nearly infinite universe. Can developer Novaquark pull it off? Who knows.

You can find out more on the official site.


    i am so confused. isn't no mans sky a mmo-ish sorta thing?

    like.... lots of players in the same instance of the game world? discovering each other's planets & shit?

      Yeah... I was thinking the same thing.

      Maybe this one will be a bit smaller so those players actually have some chance of running into each other? :P

        Nopes, people have just been purposefully mislead by the developer into thinking this. I feel that entire game is a scam for pre-orders.

      In No Man's Sky you never encounter other players, the only evidence of other users is stuff like the planets they've named.

        thanks for clearing that up.

        Hello games seem to have done a pretty poor job in communicating what they game actually is.
        all i've heard so far is "procedurally generated universe + fly around + funky looking planets & wildlife." not so much about actual game mechanics.

          I also feel like gamers in general have pinned so much hope on this game, and with the lack of lots of weighty info about the game it seems to have resulted in people constructing their own elaborate expectations of what it is.

          the new generation of games doesnt guide you or send you on a linear quest... it provides a world of interaction on which to make your own impact and achievement...

          the new sandboxes are cool

          I actually think they've done a good job of it, they've been pretty clear that the likely hood of ever seeing another player is tiny but people admittedly don't seem to have got the message.

          I think this game isn't going to be what people want it to be and they'll be a lot of negative press around it when it's released as it can just never live up to the hype Sony has created for it.

            i disagree. when i said they've done a poor job of communicating mechanics, i meant that they've not really spoken about what this game actually is, other than a flying around cool looking planets simulator?

            is it a survival / crafting / exploration thing like minecraft?
            is it a solo sandbox exploration thing where the aim is to just explore?
            its it a mmo-lite where you trade / fight / explore with other players?

            & i disagree with the anticipated reception too. I think this'll get rave reviews from critics, but unless they've got something up their sleeve, Im not sure if its gonna have the longevity most people seem to expect.

              The only way someone could think this is if they havent actually tried to find any information about no mans sky, basically everytime sean murray (creator of NMS) has done a video or said anything about the game this year he has said about the crafting and survival parts of the game and that a large amount of the game is you exploring it however you want.
              They should have been clearer about the multiplayer (or basically lack of) from a bit earlier (though i think maybe they were still trying to get it into the game up until a while ago, but couldn't) but for the last while they have been saying that there is technically a chance you will find another player but it is extremely unlikely and that even if you do there is not a whole lot of direct interaction between you anyway (eg you cant trade, or talk)

        its no that you never encounter them, its just that the universe is so vast that the probability of running into another player is slim to none.

          Hmmm, that's different to what I've heard. I might be wrong.

            this sort of explains it.

            its literally because the universe is so fucking huge, that if you manage to find a friend. it will be an absolute fluke.

            about 2:40 in this video is one of the programmers talking about it.

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