E3 Day 1: Everything You Need To Know

The conferences are over. The big reveals have come and gone, but that doesn't mean we're having a break. Now it's time for the details, for the hands-ons, for the interviews.

Here's everything that's happened at E3 since the conferences finished.

All The Games Of E3 2016 A great breakdown of all the games at E3 2016.

Gwent Has A Beefy Single-Player Mode Thankfully it's more that just a simple card game.

Nintendo Reveals New 3DS RPG, Ever Oasis More 3DS games. This is a good thing.

Here's Some Fresh Persona 5 Gameplay I know some of you will be super excited to see this.

A Bloody $200 Gears Of War Control Pad Pretty pricey, but super cool.

Podcast: E3 Day One The US team discuss what they've seen so far.

What We Thought Of The New Zelda We discuss the new Zelda reveal.

Xbox Live Is Getting A 'No Trash Talking' And 'Females Only' Mode This is starting to make more sense to me now.

Here's Everything We Know About Project Scorpio So Far I'm slowly starting to get sold on the idea of Project Scorpio.

Skyrim Remastered Will Work With Old Mods This is very good news indeed.

PlayStation VR Hits Australia On October 13 We're getting PlayStation VR the same day as the US. Good stuff.


    What happened to rockstar? Where's my red dead remake? My gta story dlc?

      Thank you, so I'm not the only one wondering what happened

      I saw one rumour that there was supposed to be a Red Dead reveal in Sony's conference but it got pulled because it featured a saloon shootout scene, which might've seemed insensitive after the whole Orlando thing. "Interesting if true".

    Soooooo, Persona.....

    I'm playing through P4 and I just reached the camping trip. Am I at all near halfway? I want to be done with this and perhaps one other Persona game before P5.

    I am loving the game (vanilla PS2 version) but having to search for hints and tips in dungeons (not feeling the combat, sorry) is dangerous for someone invested in the story.

    Also. before you ask: Yukiko.

      Poor Waifu choices aside, the game lasts one year, starting in April and ending in March of the following year. You can tell how far in you are based off the month and day of the year.

      IIRC the camping trip is early on, June or so? So you've got a ton of game left. The whole thing usually takes 70-90 hours to play through once.

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