EA Removing Gender Boundaries From The Sims 4

While The Sims has always been a sandbox of possibility, up to and including misguided romantic affairs with Death, it's still drawn lines in more traditional places. Now, though, EA and Maxis are erasing a few of them. Previously, Sims games (including the most recent instalment, Sims 4) restricted some clothes, hairstyles and other options to male or female characters.

Today, The Associated Press reports, Maxis is releasing a Sims 4 update that will remove gender boundaries from character creation. Regardless of gender, Sims will be able to have any physique, voice and attire. On top of that, players can now change Sims' genders whenever they want, and they can designate which Sims are capable of reproducing.

The Sims series has allowed for same-sex romances since the original (no marriage until Sims 3, though), but trans, non-binary and other gender identifications of players' choosing are new territory. This is a big step.

It's not a first for video games — the Saints Row series has allowed unfettered character customisation for a couple of instalments, and games like Dragon Age: Inquisition and Baldur's Gate: Siege of Dragonspear have taken stabs at depicting non-player-made trans characters — but every bit counts.


    I love that a game like Saints Row is the most progressive.

      Saints Row is stupid and crude but it's the ultimate freedom simulator. It's subtle but the game revolves around the idea of providing maximum options and minimum restrictions. Sure it treats the male sex workers and furries as a joke, but it also lets you use them as your gang members and dress like them. If you want a squad of gimps as your gang you can do it because why would Volition care either way? They've got the models there already and they just need to be dropped in to the menu so why not?


      *ahem* That's Gamers of Leftist descent, or Lefto-Gamerians. Pfft, this is 2016, not 2008.

    Can we have both parties in a couple capable of reproducing and get pregnant from each other?

      I'm sure this is something people will be trying to do, it's crazy when people do to their sims.

    Finally. Attack Helicopter gender Sims :P

    Jk, this is a good move.

    I approve of this. I always find it hilarious to piss away 5 minutes during my character creation dressing my dude up as a girl in any game.

    Ok, I really like this change, but ahh don't have the game yet.

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    Don't get me wrong, inclusivity is a great thing, but I can't shake the feeling EA are grandstanding over this.

      My thoughts exactly. All they had to do was change a couple of settings.

      Having some official stamps of approval on this kind of thing is going to make it less of a pearl clutchfest the next time a company decides not to put gender restrictions on something. So yeah, it's EA being jerks. But progress is progress so let them have it.

    If history has taught us anything, its that being progressive in games development doesn't usually result in *good* press. Not from the mainstream anyway. Any one remember Mass Effect?

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