EB Games Has Some Fantastic Prices For The Xbox One

I know, we're not used to this. EB Games being a place where deals are found. Yesterday Alex did a great job of showing how EB Games actually had better deals on PC games compared to the Steam Sales. Wild.

Today, EB Games has some of the best Xbox One deals I've ever seen.

For the next two days at EB Games, you can get this deal...

Xbox One 1TB, plus Halo 5: Guardians, Gears of War: Ultimate Edition, Ori and the Blind Forest, and Rare Replay — $328 Okay, so Xbox One deals are ten-a-penny nowadays, and there's always another around the corner, but this is a good deal. It's a damn good deal.

Or you could go for...

Xbox One Elite (1TB SSHD) plus Xbox One Elite Controller and Halo 5: Guardians This one has less games, obviously. But damn, have you ever used an Xbox Elite controller? It's hard to go back. It truly is a wonderful thing.

And they cost like $199.95. So getting one of those controller pretty much justifies the extra cost.

As you may be aware, I have been pretty critical of the Xbox One, but Inside is out today, and it's pretty much one of the best games of an already stacked 2016. This might be the time people.


    It was Limbo that made me buy a 360. I'll look into these.

    I love me my controllers. The Elite.......it comes across as something you'd see on Top Gear haha.

    I have been pretty critical of the Xbox One, but Inside is out today[/brain]

    Already have an Elite controller. Would love a console but if im going to upgrade ill wait until the S (but probably still wont due to the extra cost).

    I wouldn't buy one for $199 at this point.

    I'd buy a Wii U for $199 though. I'd even buy one for $249.

      judging by your do Zumba I'm not surprised you are in the least way biased though.

      your loss, each to their own and all that... personally my Ps4 and Wii U and caked in thick layers of dust if only they had a decent online service and proper UI

    They also seem to have preowned 500GB Xbox Ones for "only" $348, because that's a good deal and all

    No price for the elite package.



        Pity can't afford right now.

        Might just wait for the Xbone S & save up. though there is a lack of XBone games that I want & tend to be playing stuff less & less nowadays.

          That's why I like the Xbox tbh, if my TV is in, it's useful. Definitely the media choice this gen, so I get way more use out of it than if I bought a PS4.

    Lol 500gb with a kinect and no games is $498!!

    Last edited 29/06/16 1:31 pm

    I love my elite controller on the xbone and PC. The paddles are great replacements for the face buttons.

    Same deal from Target for the non-Elite.


    i recently got the Big W deal on the Xbox One, it's my first Xbox and I basically got it for Rare Replay.
    I don't really like the console to be honest, I've owned it for a couple of weeks and already the controller drops out for a few seconds which I'm worried will only turn into something worse down the track.
    This will probably be fixed with the new Xboxes considering the bluetooth functionality.

      I've got a day one, never had a controller drop out unless it was out of battery.

        Damn that's good to know, maybe my console is faulty.
        I read up on it and supposedly wifi devices such as laptops can interfere with it.

          Cordless phone maybe? They're terrible for interference.

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