Eight Years As A World Of Warcraft Guild Leader, Remembered

A lot of people have played World of Warcraft over the years, but not many have kept a diary of their entire experience with the game like reader Shawn Holmes has. He's compiled over eight years of experience as a guild leader into a journal series that has just wound up.

If you'd like to read it, you can start here with the original post, then use the menu on the right of the screen to work your way up. Note that the blog posts themselves don't go back eight years; think of this as Shawn telling a very long story, one that he started telling in 2013 and has taken this long to wrap up.

The highlight, at least for me as someone who didn't play the game in its prime, is the fact he's got screenshots of his experience, which definitely make the whole thing feel more like a historical text than a personal diary.

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      Oldest pic I have kicking around is from our guilds first Nefarian (BWL) kill back in vanilla.

    Man I really enjoyed reading that journal, I played Vanilla as a casual, then got into hardcore raiding in BC onwards and alot of the difficulties he faced I recall vividly. Thanks for digging this up Luke, have to admit I maybe nostalgia'd a little there especially with the Vanilla screencaps in ZG.

    Never played WoW but seriously cannot stop reading this. I'm addicted and am loving reading about each encounter the guild faced and the different players who rose and fell in the guild.

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