Even Elon Musk Is Into Overwatch

You love it, we love it. Blizzard definitely loves it. And as of late last night, we know Elon Musk loves it too. Overwatch, that is.

The Tesla founder let his approval be known to the world earlier this morning as he tweeted out a link of the Overwatch Honest Game Trailer.

But it's not just Musk who's into Blizzard's shooter, with 7 million players accruing more than 119 million hours in-game.

I also saw a good deal of Overwatch on show at Computex this year. Taiwan is traditionally a region that favours MOBAs and MMOs, with League of Legends being the most prominent. There are even ads on buses for League players, although I couldn't work out if Faker had his own mobile game or they were simply advertising the South Korean professional's brand.

I'm interested in two things here, though. Firstly, how large could Overwatch become? It had slightly more players in the beta than Star Wars: Battlefront, which leads me to believe it'll at least match the sales of DICE's shooter (around 14-15 million units globally).

Secondly, what's the esports scene going to look like for the game — and will Blizzard try and create their own Overwatch circuit like they've done with StarCraft 2, or will they opt for a hands-off approach and let third-parties control tournaments, as is the case with Counter-Strike?


    Elon Musk clearly does not have a 34" 3440x1440 monitor... :'(

    Blizzard should put 21:9 support in!

      I was gobsmacked when I saw that this wasn't in the game.

      This and the tickrate of 20 really showed that Blizzard have let the quality bar slide recently.

    They've said multiple times that setting the tickrate up to 60 would make 20% of the player base unable to play due to internet restriction. thats over 1 million players. As an Australian with a shitty 1mb/s internet. I wouldnt be able to play overwatch at all if they had a higher tickrate.

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