Everything You Missed From Bethesda’s E3 Conference

Everything You Missed From Bethesda’s E3 Conference
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E3 began properly this morning with EA, and continued around lunch time for Australians with Bethesda. If you couldn’t catch the conference live, here’s everything you missed.

Expectations going into the conference included a remastered Skyrim for PS4 and Xbox One, something regarding the Elder Scrolls Legends card game, more DLC for DOOM, potentially a sequel to The Evil Within, possibly Prey 2 (but not the Prey 2 that was kicking around a decade ago), and obviously Dishonored 2.

Here’s everything that actually came out.

Bethesda Brings Back Quake, Calls It Quake Champions

Thought so.

Arkane Studios Announces Prey, Due Out In 2017

Damn, this looks real intriguing.

New Fallout 4 DLC Will Let You Build A Vault, Experiments And All

Don’t know that this would convince people to play Fallout 4 again if they gave up. Wonder what those still playing think.

Our First Good Look At Dishonored 2

Dishonored 2 also featured greatly and if you were looking forward to it, good news: it’s coming out on November 11. You’ll also get Dishonored: Definitive Edition for a limited time if you pre-order, although most people interested in the game probably already have it in one form or another already.

Fallout 4 Coming To VR In 2017

Oh boy. This is a big one. DOOM’s getting VR support as well, although I can imagine some people finding that harder to stomach. I wonder how the frame rate will hold up?

Skyrim Is Being Remastered For PS4, Xbox One And PC

One of the big expected announcements was a Skyrim remaster, and Bethesda delivered. It’ll be out October 28.

Elder Scrolls Legends is also still a thing! Most people have probably forgotten it by now, but you can sign up for the beta. There was also some time dedicated to Elder Scrolls Online, which has serviced 7 million gamers.

Added bonus is that when the One Tamriel launches in spring, Elder Scrolls Online will have worldwide level scaling. That means every part of the in-game world will scale to your current level, meaning you won’t be restricted by your current level or the dungeons and enemies you encounter. Pretty neat.

Bethesda Left A Hint About A New Wolfenstein Game Or Something

Not 100% sure what we’re looking at yet, only that Bethesda wants us to look. Probably find out more at Quakecon.

Bethesda Left A Hint About A New Wolfenstein Game Or Something

This dropped during the intro but you needed to pause the stream or catch a still frame to see it. It’s nice to see all the dates line up, but we don’t know 100% if this is another game, DLC, expansion, or what’s going on.

$350 Pip-Boy Replica Is Very Fancy

There’s more Pip-Boy replicas!

Fallout 4, Oculus Rift And Some Bad Blood

Fallout 4 is coming to the HTC Vive — but not the Oculus Rift. There’s a reason for that.


    • My internet actually cut out just as it was mentioned. So I know it’s coming, but not sure what’s being added.

  • Fallout 4: I got my Season Pass for extra missions, not for the sandbox social minigame. Expanding on the Settlements is disappointing to say the least. Not feeling the love with Automatron, Far Harbour and Disney World in a few months?

  • I’ve always hated scaling in RPG’s and MMO’s. I get why some do, but I hate it. I love the feeling of achievement when I become badass enough to conquer an area, get good enough to run an area. I remember when I was strong enough to solo my first dungeon in WoW all those years ago (the first one near Goldshire, to the west), I felt *badass*. But if everything scales. Yuck.

    • i like scaling but i also like running into areas that are too high me and trying to complete them.
      Scaling that i like: Reaper of Souls, Borderlands at Max level, Wild Hunt with upscaling turned on and Farcry 3,4,Primal and Blood Dragon
      Scaling that i hate: Oblivion/fallout3/Skyrim where enemies just dont appear at all until you reach a certain level (in skyrim until you hit level 10 you find any sabre cats around White Run, Yet wonce you hit lvl 30 every single bear is replaced with cave bears. In fallout 3, outside of scripted random encounters and Old Ony you will never see a deathclaw until you hit lvl 10.

      Fallout 4 is greatly improved in its scaling but theres still issues like after a certain level every single non irradiated feral ghoul gets replaced with Charred Feral Ghouls that are massive bullet sponges

  • So no Evil Within 2 – the only thing I wanted. Boooo.
    Hopefully Capcom announce RE7. That’s the only other thing I want. Aside from Konami to stop being dicks and holding 3 of my fav IPs to ransom. But I’m realistic.

  • Guess it was a bit much to expect a formal announcement on their regional markups for Australia in 2016-2017.

  • Remastered Skyrim will also be free for PC users that already have the base game and all DLC

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