Everything You Need To Know From The Sony PlayStation E3 Conference

Missed Sony's E3 conference this year for one reason or another? Don't worry, we've got you covered. Here's everything you need to know.

The conference began with an orchestral performance, a flash conductor and some chants. It was one of the flashier openings for a conference this year, and Sony only continued to roll out the hits from there.

Things started with a God of War game remarkably unlike anything we've seen before, and then the games just kept rolling. Here's everything that dropped.

The New God Of War Turns To Snow And Norse Mythology This was a big opening. Looks real, real good.

Horizon Zero Dawn's E3 Demo Was Incredible Amazingly, this wasn't one of the better demos by the time the conference finished.

The Last Guardian Is Actually Coming Out On October 25 It's coming this year. Finally.

Resident Evil 7 Announced This looked less like a Resident Evil game and more like P.T. And it looked like a real horror game (so I definitely won't be playing it, phew).

Detroit: Become Human Is Intense And Full Of Androids Terrible dialogue? David Cage, check.

Hideo Kojima's Next Game Is Death Stranding, Starring Norman Reedus This looked incredibly weird. But Kojima's doing it, so of course everyone wants to know what's going on.

The New Call Of Duty Was Ridiculously Impressive People in the office thought this was a new IP or something at first. I jokingly called it first and then later Mark picked out the font.

This will have re-sold people on the new Call of Duty. Remember: you get the remastered Modern Warfare AND this in one package. Pre-orders are going to be insane.

Final Fantasy XV Will Support PlayStation VR Note that this being titled a "Final Fantasy XV VR experience". Definitely want to see more info to see how this exactly works, or whether Final Fantasy XV supports VR proper.

At E3, Sony Knocked It Out Of The Ballpark Want Mark's take on the conference? Here it is.

The PS4 Will Have A X-Wing VR Experience Criterion's behind this. It'll be fun — but probably not very long.

Sony Announces New Open-World Survival Game, Days Gone Sony ended the conference with this. Not sure it was the best choice given everything else on show.

PS4 Is Getting A New Spider-Man Game Spidey looked half-decent. Be interesting to see more.

Rocksteady's Doing A Batman VR Game Few people thought this might have been a Telltale game for a second. It's Rocksteady, so it's an Arkham game for sure. Lot of details about this still to come out.


    I liked the moaning lady

    It feels silly to have a "winner" of E3 but in terms of polish, pace and sheer content from Sony it's safe to say that Ponies are the clear victors. I've never seen an E3 presentation where literally everything interested me but Sony nailed it. Even without mega-annoucements like FFVII remake, The Last Guardian re-reveal and Shenmue 3 from last year they've managed to engage my hype drive to full power. And the best part is that most of the hype is for new IPs.

    Bring on 2016/17!

    "without mega-announcements" Did you not hear about the Crash Bandicoot remakes?

      Remake or remaster? If the latter than it's not massive news (like FF remake).

      (Don't get the impression that I don't love Crash - I do and I will buy this day one)

        It's a remaster

          It's a full remaster if you listened really well. from ground up, like in FF7. so no, not just a remaster. That announcement just exploded my mind

            FF7 is a remake. Anything "from ground up" would imply remake.

            Remasters to me imply that the original assets are used, with a texture and resolution bump.

    I also dislike the 'who won E3?!' crap (also. thank goodness the Kotaku US mob dropped the pretence of how they don't like the video game PR hype cycle for one week!) however this was a clear and confident showcase of games.

    My questions have a bit to do with the stuff Sony said it wouldn't talking about, like the Neo. I'm in the unenviable position of not being able to recommend the PS4 'as-is' to people because of this. A load of new and interesting up-coming games like this are going to cause a lot of people to buy a PS4.

    Like, today.

    Glad I got one, but preparing myself for thePC version anyway.5 upgrade.

    Last edited 14/06/16 2:40 pm

    Was a good showing, glad I have a ps4 already as being caught in the limbo of should I get one now or wait till refresh would suck

    The new premise for God of War looked cool as hell, but the gameplay looked like a really poor-man's Dark Souls.... not nice at all.

    I've been a gamer for 25+ years and that was the best E3 showing ever.. By far.

    Could give 2 fucks about last gaurdian, honestly if you dont have a rager over VR in your living room for 500 you've lost it.

    Everything You Need To Know From The Sony PlayStation E3 Conference
    The only thing you need to know is that Sony won.

    Thanks for the shortened version of the conference.
    but geez, the cod paragraph reads like an advert. id be surprised if kotaku didnt get paid to write that.
    There was nothing impressive about that clip. looks average at best and the graphics are unacceptably dated. looks liked a new IP? HA, as soon as you saw the character models it was obvious.
    Essentially reminding people to pre order because of Modern warfare. Really sounds like an advert.
    and yeah the pre sales are nowhere near insane. Data on presales was collated and compared to last years pre sales for blops 3 at the same time last year. IW has 1/10 of the pre orders. yeah, insane... for playstation that was 400k compared to around 35k this year.

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