Fable Card Game Survives (For Now) The Death Of Lionhead

Fable Card Game Survives (For Now) The Death Of Lionhead

Yes, Fable has been driven into the ground until only dust and ash remain, but for remaining fans of Lionhead’s fantasy series, there is small hope: the video games might be gone, but a card game is still being worked on.

Turns out that before being shut down, Lionhead was quietly working on a digital card game called Fable Fortune. While that’s obviously been cancelled as a Lionhead project, a new team of ex-Lionhead developers have been given permission by Microsoft to keep hold of the Fable branding and try and get the game funded on Kickstarter.

It's free-to-play, is aiming for PC and Xbox One (with phone ports to follow) and has both PvP and co-op (in which players complete quests).

While the footage shown looks pretty polished, don't go counting on playing this just yet: the team are asking for a whopping £250,000 ($497,470). That's... a lot.


  • Man, I really wish I liked Hearthstone right now. I think Fable is a good fit for this sort of game on an artistic level and the XBOX One could really use something other than Magic Duels, but this just isn’t my sort of game.
    I’m surprised Microsoft didn’t push this harder before Lionhead closed. It makes a lot of sense as a cheap(-ish) XBOX One/Windows 10/Windows Phone flagship project.

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