Fallout 4 Coming To VR In 2017

Fallout 4 Coming To VR In 2017

Next year, Bethesda will be releasing a virtual reality version of Fallout 4 for the HTC Vive. Not a demo. The full game.

Attendees at E3 are trying it out after Bethesda’s show.


  • Really, they’re going to get this running at 90fps? I mean good on ’em if they can, but…

      • Probably referring to the inherently bad optimisation that Bethesda open world games have. I’m sure they will do it, but I can understand why people would doubt them,

        • I just figured that the kind of person that can afford the Vive is the kind of person with enough graphical horsepower to brute force whatever second rate optimization is delivered.

          • Yeah, but requiring that everyone have a 1080 as the bare minimum isn’t a very good business case 😛

  • Yeah if this works as well as it should I am finally sold on getting VR. Very few of the other games I have seen really piqued my interest but this and an Elder Scrolls game with VR support would be amazing.

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