Stardew Valley Is Sprouting On Consoles This Year

The farming and dating simulator Stardew Valley is landing to Xbox One, PS4 and Wii U later this year, according to the game's creator.

Mac and Linux versions are still coming as well.


    Good on him! He'll make heaps of money by doing this, and he deserves it.

    I know nothing about this game other than the fact that people seem to love it :P

    Will probably give it a go if the price is right. Cross-buy with Vita would help seal the deal...?

      Thinking the same thing here. Something to tide the Wii U over until the NX hits.

    I wish I had the time available to play this, it's SO my game.
    3DS port would be killer though, I'd buy it instantly.

    I played through the entire game on PC with a controller and it worked really well. I found it easier tho attack etc in the direction I wanted using the controller.

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