Final Fantasy XII On The PS2 Compared With The Remastered PS4 Trailer

Video: Via Siliconera, here's a look at how Final Fantasy XII on the PS2 stacks up against the PS4 remastered version's debut trailer.

There are bound to be more in depth comparisons once Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age is released, or at least once we have more footage. Don't forget that Square Enix still has loads of time to polish the final HD version, so consider this a solid start.



    I think they have abused the depth of field a little in at least that shot of Vaan in the passageway. Aside from that though, looks as expected. Framerate will really be key though

    That trailer makes me glad I've still got the PS2 disc lying around. Not a fan of the change in colour or the noise in some of those textures.

    However, now more people get to experience FFXII. So yeah, that's cool.

    XII any good? Only played 7,8,9 n 10. Thought 9 was meh and really disliked 8. 7 n 10 are awesome.

      I've barely played any final fantasy games, so I can't really compare them, but I have played XII and found it extremely fun.

      The main highlight would be the awesome world the game is set in, not from a story standpoint, but being able to explore it and find so much to look at.

      Also if you have a decent computer this game emulates really well and can be upscaled to look pretty great already.

      Compared to the others you mentioned its most like 10. Art design and license board are very reminiscent of 10. Except there are no class restrictions on 12's license board, anyone can unlock any square. No random encounters, it's more like Chrono Trigger in that you can see everything on the map and avoid. Maps are huge (especially for the time) and provide a lot of variety in environments. The Gambit system was criticised a lot but I liked it as it took a lot of the micromanagement out of the battle system. Also, keep in mind you can miss a potentially key item at the start of the game which was also met with frustration.

      Story wise its solid but I remember more of the other games. Some of the characters are real quality though (Balthier, Bosch etc). Very reminiscent of Star Wars in terms of story. Graphics were absolute top notch on the PS2, and really the game should have been delayed til the PS3 as the PS2 hardware couldn't really cope (6 enemy limit on screen at once - hope they fix this in the remaster).

      I think Square tried to be ambitious and fresh with it and overall it worked well. It is a very good game and definitely should be played. The battle system has proved to be divisive, and I dont think it's quite up to the level of previous entires into the system but personally I thought it was really good.

    At 0:40, the character's coat appears to be clipping through his arm. When it switches back to the PS2 rendering, it's fine. I wonder if they'll fix that up before release?

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      if you watch it again I think you'll find that in the first comparison shot (2 seconds in) that the clip is definitely in both versions.

        Yep, you're right. When I see the scene in motion, the coat clips through the arm while it is in motion. I guess it's just unlucky that the still they picked for PS4 later on showed the clipping while the PS2 still didn't.

    This just demonstrates how good the PS2 version looked. This is a ten year old game.

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