Final Fantasy XV Will Support PlayStation VR 

Final Fantasy XV Will Support PlayStation VR 

You’ll be able to play as Prompto in the “Final Fantasy XV VR experience,” which Sony announced tonight at their E3 conference. The new RPG, which comes out September 30, will support PlayStation VR.

Here’s a look at what you can do:


  • My only fear from Sony’s E3 presentation is that these VR “experiences” are going to be glorified tech demos released alongside their parent game. I’m dubious that this means that FFXV is fully playable in VR but I’m hoping to be proven wrong.

    • It seems like these are a VR option in the full game, but the issue remains that these probably aren’t games that were built with VR in mind. It takes more than just shifting the camera to the right spot and adding head tracking. You’ve got to design it with the idea that the player won’t have the superhuman situational awareness they get from a third person game. Teleporting around in FFXV for instance looks like it’s going to be awkward in first-person.
      I’ve always wanted a virtual reality Final Fantasy game, these worlds are just beautiful, but I’m curious as to how playable this will be.

  • In the interview with Tabata after the conference, he mentioned they don’t really know what they’re doing with this yet. It might come as DLC to FFXV later on. It was just a little thing for people to experience at E3.

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