Here's A First Look At Watch Dogs 2

Ubisoft released a shorter version of their big Watch Dogs 2 reveal trailer sightly ahead of time on Twitch last night. Today, they expanded more on what we can expect from the game when it hits this fall.

Here's the full trailer, which is a bit longer than the one that ran last night:

In the following promotional show, Ubisoft Montreal developers talked about some of the new features coming to the game.

  • Sounds like San Francisco will be getting an upgrade to ctOS, the surveillance system from the first Watch Dogs, which made it possible for hackers to completely destroy whole city blocks with their phones. It also made people safer, but mostly it's fun for hackers.
  • The main character, Marcus Holloway, is a young black man from Oakland. He was falsely accused of a crime he didn't commit, so he's out to fight the system, or something along those lines. His melee weapon of choice is a billiard ball tied to a lanyard, which operates like a sort of DIY mace. Here's his introduction trailer:
  • Marcus is a member of Dedsec, the hacker group from the first game. The devs say they're going to embrace more of a sense of anarchic fun with their hackers this time around, instead of making everyone a super-serious ravegoer like in the first game.
  • You'll be able to hack a lot more stuff in the game, naturally. The biggest thing they showed is the ability to fully hack cars, which lets you hop behind the wheel and drive vehicles around the city a la Driver San Francisco. It looks cool.
  • Marcus also has a small RC car he can drive around and use to trick enemies and manipulate the environment.
  • The devs say they have improved the driving, which was notably poor in the first game. Better physics, more distinct handling for different sorts of cars, etc.
  • You'll have lots of options for approaching each scenario, much like in the first game. You can go pure hacking, pure stealth, pure action, or even, they said, nonlethal.
  • The online stuff looks interesting; at times during the singleplayer you'll come across other players in their games and be able to emote at them and otherwise interact.
  • Per a post on the PlayStation blog, the city of SF will be unlocked from the start. No towers to hack in order to get access.
  • Most crucially, there will be actual dogs in Watch Dogs 2:

You can watch the full reveal show here:

Watch Dogs 2 will be out on November 15. We'll doubtless see more of the game next week at E3.


    Here's hoping they don't have that shit awful drinking minigame. For all the problems with the first game, that minigame was the true nadir for me.

    wait, ubisoft released a trailer without asking us to preorder their game a year in advance? what has the world come to

      All the version options to preorder are up on EB Games already.

    Looks great! I'm sure the final product will be completely different!

      (ie: Worse.)

      (Edit: Visually, I mean. The mechanics seem awesome, I'm making fun of the fact that E3 trailers are always much prettier than the actual game ends up being.)

      Last edited 10/06/16 10:31 am

    Sold. installing the first one tonight and recapping.

    Game play wise, it looks like it could be an AC1 -> AC2 level of improvement. It is hard to tell whether the story will be any good from those videos.

    The improved parkour movement looks fun, and thankfully different to Assassin's Creed. And I could definitely recognise various places I went to when I visited San Francisco (not sure how well it would hold up for a local though).

    I enjoyed my time with the first game, so I'll definitely check this out at some point (although given my backlog, maybe not at launch).

    Ubisoft games - gorgeous (lifeless) worlds with nothing interesting to do in them.

    While WD1 was obviously a disappointment, this was a great trailer. It's got a great mood and unique atmosphere - kinda anarchic, hipster chic. And the best part is that kind of thing probably won't get lost in the official Ubisoft downgrade!

      kinda anarchic, hipster chic

      The very thing that turns me off. It looks like it's trying way too hard. I'm surprised there's a sequel. I thought the first game wasn't that popular, I heard more negativity than anything else.

        I replayed it again recently and it's very obvious that they put a LOT of effort into the game, only to fall victim to really, really bad marketing and some problems that they probably thought were easily solved. (ie: Universally unlikable protagonist/characters, shitty driving, frustrating minigames.)

        I'm thinking they looked at all the effort they went to and decided that they didn't want it to be wasted with the terrible legacy it has right now, but wanted to build on it and have another crack at making the game they really hoped it would be the first time around.

        Not so much, "We heard you guys wanted a sequel, so hear it is!" and more, "No really you guys, we can do this right. We swear."

        Last edited 10/06/16 10:34 am

    I'm concerned as to whether I have the specs for this on my PC. I got the first one on 360 and it was alright. Not the best game ever, but similar to GTA, which I liked.

    I made the mistake of buying the last game on the hype. So, no. I'll wait a couple of months for the reviews to be well and truly out.

    Also, I'm going to go ahead and say that there's going to be a Mr Robot easter egg in there somewhere ...

    I didn't mind the first game aside from Aiden who was boring. I'll grab this when it comes out.

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