For A Japanese Prank, This Is Pretty Good

It's such a simple idea: Famous Japanese people unknowingly walking, running and falling into holes. [GIF via とんねるずのみなさんのおかげでした | FujiTV]

Above, that's Olympic silver medallist judoka Shinichi Shinohara. These days, he appears on Japanese variety shows and in television commercials. Recently, he was told to show up in Attack on Titan make-up to shoot an ad. Then, this happened:

Of course, it wasn't an actual commercial (though, he has appeared as a Titan in real ads due to his size and distinctive facial features). Instead, it was part of a TV program hosted by the comedy duo Tunnels. The show sometimes pranks Japanese celebrities.

Have a look and do not try at home, outside or anywhere else, really.


    My go to for Japanese celebrity hijinks is Gaki no Tsukai's 24 hour no laughing batsu games.
    They actually had a pitfall trap too, in No Laughing Hospital. (Sorry, don't remember which year.)
    They even had an old dude fall in one, was so worried he got hurt.

      The No Laughing shows are absolutely hilarious.

    "For A Japanese Prank, This Is Pretty Good"

    > Wording implies Japanese pranks are usually crap
    > Posts half a dozen great prank videos

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