Game Of Thrones' Battle Of The Bastards, As Told By Overwatch And World Of Warcraft

After the latest episode of Game of Thrones, I think it is safe to say that Jon Snow got the play of the game, eh? (Spoilers ahead.) Or at least, YouTuber Node points to Jon as the match highlight:

Arguably, Jon might have gotten the glory, but it was Littlefinger who truly saved the day, as MnM ● Edits Vids shows:

Nah, even that could be considered inaccurate. Sansa was the true MVP of Game of Thrones this episode (via Spoiler Kevin)

The battle to reclaim Winterfell was not without its hitches, thanks to a certain SOMEbody that ran into the fray as if he were Leeroy Fuckin' Jenkins, though (via Valentin Bruhière):

Ha. Too good.


    I am really regretting my decision to not pirate game of thrones and to wait for the Blu-Ray.

    Spoilers can appear even on gaming sites in the thumbnails.

      Why on earth would you wait?

        I was told waiting was the right thing to do rather than download :(

        Obviously I am not the sort of scum that would give Foxtel a single cent.

      Just stream it and then buy it when you can. There are literal fuck tonnes of free sites to stream from.

      You're like Ned Stark in Game Of Thrones. You tried to be honourable which is admirable and heroic but it got you nowhere and helped nobody.

      When you watch the game of thrones, you torrent, or you spoil.

      I hear ya. This one was pretty frustrating. I was too busy to watch the first three or four eps as they came out, then thought "you know what? I'll just wait until the season's finished then binge it."
      I've been able to stay relatively spoiler-free until now.

    No Wun Wun?! He was quite clearly the only person worthy of the MVP.

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