Get A Load Of This Official Game Of Thones Xbox One Console

Xbox could have gone so many ways with this limited edition giveaway. Model it on a castle, or a sigil, or a city. Perhaps just a custom colour scheme with some nice graphics on them. But no, they had to do more.

So here we have one of a handful of limited edition Game of Thrones-themed consoles (to be given away in a competition run by Xbox France), with its exterior based on...the show's credits. Meaning not only does it look weird sitting still, but it's terribly impractical for an entertainment unit to boot.

That controller looks great though...


    If the Iron Throne is built from melted down swords, what's this built from? Melted down Xbox Ones?

    Always been afraid to ask, what are those brass 'swish, swish' things supposed to be during the opening? I thought they were telescopes or looking glasses or something.

      It is an armillary sphere.

      if you go back and rewatch the last episode, when Sam walks in to the Library in Oldtown, my wife noticed that you see them hanging from the ceiling. its in the shot that pans out to show the enormity of the library. i didnt go back to double check though.

    Find the answer in the last episode:

    Is it just me or is it actually weird that they'd make a special game console based on a TV show? I know there are Game of Thrones games in existence but those games (the 2012 RPG and 2014's Iron from Ice by Telltale) were clearly not the inspiration here.

    Get A Load Of This Official Game Of Th*R*ones Xbox One Console

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