Ghost Recon Wildlands E3 Demo Goes Mega Open-World

Ghost Recon Wildlands E3 Demo Goes Mega Open-World

Today at Ubisoft’s E3 press conference we got a good long look at the open-world cooperative action game Ghost Recon Wildlands, coming March of 2017.

Here’s the demo:

It’s got a huge open world that should allow for some cool coordinated teamwork, if you’re the sort of person who’s into “cool coordinated teamwork.” The players in these E3 demos are always so dorkily coordinated — my friends and I will curse and screw up a lot more. Also, who actually says “tango down” when playing one of these games? Anyway, it looks pretty cool.

It will be out on March 07, 2017. Here’s a CGI trailer:


  • This is looking great, really looking forward to it BUUUUT MARCH 2017!? That’s too far away!

  • Yeah – not so much anymore. My excitement has been tempered by the above. That looks scripted as hell imo and for the love of Nutella please stop trying to sound military when showcasing these vids (the Div and now this) it just comes off cheesy as hell, and not awesome 80’s cheesy either.
    I’ll wait until the inevitable Ubi downgrade and look again.
    There was one part in particular that surprised me; in previous GR iterations if you turned a blind corner like that you were dead, interesting that the AI is so soft.
    Bring on Zelda

  • Is March 2017 correct. That seems like a long way considering how long the trailers have been coming and the website is up. At least it gives me time to buy a PC that can run it.

  • March 2017? Is that so The Division has had a year to release all its paid dlc before everyone (who hasn’t already) drops it like it’s hot?

    • Classic Ubisoft. Announce way too early and then show dull trailers endlessly for a year until your excitement is completely dead.

  • don’t know what it is, but the player voiceovers put me off. no one talks like that when there playing and most people just do there own thing

  • “Let’s do this stealthily”
    *switches from his silencer and shoots a guy in broad daylight*

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