Ghostbuster Hamburgers Are Just As Ridiculous As You'd Hope

Once again, Japan is raising the bar with hamburgers. This time, it's turned its skills to Ghostbusters.

[Image via Entabe]

Entabe reports that J.S. Burgers Cafe is rolling out Ghostbusters themed food at its restaurants. There's the G.B. Burger (above), which comes with burgers slathered in black olive and anchovy paste, "bloody hot ketchup," and cream on black buns. Yours for 1,580 yen or $US15.45.

There's also a Marshmallow Mad Burger for 1,280 yen ($US12.52).Topped with a "blood berry" sauce, the burger's white buns are stuffed with marshmallows, yogurt ice cream, and cookies.

[Image via Entabe]

I ain't afraid of no calories.

Both burgers will be available from July 1 to September 30.

[Image via Entabe]


    How is Japan not the most obese country in the world? You have stories of ridiculous amounts of vending machines, chips-eating obsessions, anything and everything being a burger or kitkat flavour. Plus, mochi and anpan are impossible to resist.

      Most asian cultures know what portions they need to eat.

      Here in the West, you are expected to finish the whole plate of food you are given.
      Must be a euro thing too haha ever been to a Italian family dinner?

        I know what portions I need to eat, but damned if delicious Anpan makes me forget that :P

        Never been to an Italian family dinner, but I did have a pizza in Napoli the size of a satellite dish!

    How dare they remake it. Ghostbuster Hamburgers were just a really important part of my childhood.

    Speaking of Japan, they have released their own Ghostbusters Theme Song, a billion times better than the Fall Out Boy song. Closer to the original song.
    The video is on youtube and totally worth a watch.

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