Guy Trolls Overwatch Players With ‘It’s High Noon’

Guy Trolls Overwatch Players With ‘It’s High Noon’

Overwatch players are practically conditioned to react to McCree’s ultimate: If you hear “IT’S HIGH NOON” mid-match, you either quickly survey the area and run for your life, or you die. The sound cue is supposed to be useful and informative.

…unless of course someone starts abusing it. Nigma’s Vidya Channel took McCree’s sound clip and started playing it at random intervals during real matches, just to get a rise out of people. The result is pretty funny:

Ha. Can you really get mad, though? Even McCree’s voice actor allegedly does this while playing Overwatch:


  • This is why I turn off voice chat outside of groups (and even then it’s rarely used because of Skype).

  • Eh, I expected something a but more than mild irritation and the odd “huh?”

    Nigma’s Dota videos are much better.

  • The only part that made me laugh was hearing the reactions, “IT’S REAL, IT’S REAL” when he wasn’t trolling and a bunch of people got hit by the actual ult.

  • This is so blatantly fake. Hear how distorted and muffled the mic voices are? yea, that’s overwatch. It’s INCREDIBLY blatent when someone is playing a sound file through a mic. Add the fact that overwatch doesnt have an ‘important sound file’ program, and you realise its just a muffled crackled audio sample others would hear. This is fucking dumb.

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