Halo Wars 2 Getting An Open Beta Next Week

We should know a whole lot more about Halo Wars 2 soon, according to a series of leaks today. Image Credit: nullfurious

One, there will be an open beta for Halo Wars 2 during E3 week, from June 13 to June 20. You'll need an Xbox Live Gold subscription to join up. This was discovered after people noticed Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb was following a page that leaked all the information about the open beta.

A bunch of screen shots have also leaked via Reddit:

That looks like Halo Wars 2! The original game was pretty dang underrated.


    Please, no, no. I have exams during then... WHY COULDN'T THIS HAPPEN IN JULY?? :'(

    A 355 day Beta? Awesome!

    Edit *dates now corrected*

    Last edited 11/06/16 7:19 pm

    YES! I friggen LOVE Halo Wars 1. I hope the Promethean stuff isn't going to be too prevails at because I've never been to keen on the story and thematic places 343 have taken Halo.

    I thought E3 started this Sunday/Monday - so should a pre-load go up...or be up already?

      The plan was probably for them to announce it during their press conference... one of those "... and you can play it... NOW" kind of deals.

    Eh, I kinda wish the original company was in control. Kinda hard since they closed.

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