Here, Have A Weird Final Fantasy XV Chocobo Montage

Here, Have A Weird Final Fantasy XV Chocobo Montage

You’re welcome.

Chocobos are funny. Giant chickens that you ride on. Sure, why not. It’s tradition in Final Fantasy and people tend to get excited by the whole thing.

NEXT-GENERATION Chocobos were revealed at the big Final Fantasy XV event last week, but in case you missed that — and the fact that Chocobos can drift for some insane (awesome) reason — then this is a montage with Next-Gen Chocobos doing Next-Gen Chocobo stuff.

It’s sort of weird, very Japanese and very Final Fantasy.



  • I generally love FF, however, the more I see of XV, the more I feel like it is a bit plain and ordinary. It’s the setting.. it’s too mundane and doesn’t take me away to strange and faraway places.. While watching this latest video, all I could think was how similar to the world of Metal Gear Solid: Phantom Pain it was..

    • Hate to say it but I agree. People need to learn that open world kinda sucks if it’s the same amount of stuff just spread out over a massive area.

      • For me, open world always seems like an exciting idea, but then when I jump into it I generally get kinda bored.

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