Here’s A Battleship Fit For The Master Race

Here’s A Battleship Fit For The Master Race

My 21″ CRT monitor often felt like a tank when I was carting it around at LANs. So it’s only appropriate, I suppose, that someone would take the naval approach to their case mod.

This work is the effort of Suchao Prowphong and Maturos Charoensit, two Thailanders with a penchant for power tools and PCs. Suchao’s been featured before for his efforts in the case modding world before, with the Thailander taking part in last year’s Thermaltake CaseMOD Invitational with a Fast and the Furious-inspired build.

His latest work is a collaboration with GIGABYTE that looks like it belongs as a third-party skin in World of Warships. It’s a grey and red-styled styling with an incredible amount of intricate detail.

Image credit: Suchao Prowphong

You can view the rest of the build over at Suchao’s Facebook page — it’s astonishingly well put together.


  • Hi Alex,

    While many people would understand that you’re making a reference to that most common of gaming epithets ‘PC master race’, many others might instead misconstrue your headline as being supportive of historical or neo-nazism. Perhaps you’d consider changing it?

  • Fit for the Master race? Whaaaaa? Nazis get their cases from Thailand? I’m fairly certain no member of the master race would touch a case. The race of this case’s maker would be as problematic for the master race as their inclusion in the title is problematic for this article…

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