Here's A Whole Lot Of Battlefield 1 Footage

If you were fortunate enough to be attending the EA Play event outside of E3 this year, then you had a chance of getting some hands on with DICE's take on World War 1 combat, Battlefield 1.

An embargo has just lifted on in-game footage recorded from the event, giving people a better indication of the general loops and moment-to-moment action we'll all experience whenever the open beta eventually rolls around.

And from what I've seen so far ... it's really grey. But the airplane battles look like loads of fun.

If your bandwidth can handle it, this 2K/60fps feed from LevelCap is pretty solid. It helps that he's one of the sharper Battlefield players you'll find on YouTube. There's no commentary outside of the first 30 seconds though. It's just raw tanks, bolt-action rifles, propeller planes and explosions.

I can see my brother really digging the shit out of this. He's a life-long Battlefield player — and I can see myself dropping at least 100 or so hours into this as well.


    If they keep releasing footage, I can get my fill before the game is released! :D

    Yep, looks like another Battlefield. I'll get it when its 50% off in the future.

    Here's some more.


    British Halberstadts and Fokker triplanes... Thanks for the warning!

    I'm so pumped for this!

    I recently picked up BF Hardline for cheap thanks to Origin's sale and i'm really enjoying it so far =)

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