Here Are The Australian Times For All The E3 Conferences

E3 officially kicked off early this year with EA's press conference starting at 6am this morning, but the real fun is just about to begin.

If you're looking for an easy convenient place to figure out when everything is going down in Australian time, you've come to the right place.

Let's an awesome schedule created by Twitter game person Cheesemeister2k for easy viewing.

But breaking things down a little further, let's go down the conferences one by one, with a little breakdown of what our plans for E3 are.

Bethesda: Monday, June 13, 12:00pm AEST

This is a friendly one! We'll be liveblogging this one. You'll also be able to watch on the site. I'm hoping for the rumoured Skyrim remastered thing because well... I think Skyrim has been Bethesda's best game since forever. I would absolutely play a new version of this game.

Microsoft: Tuesday, June 14, 2:30am AEST

This is the one that will kill you. Still, I recommend staying up. Mainly because I will be awake and liveblogging and I will appreciate the company! I feel as though Microsoft might put out all the stops to 'win' E3 this year. Their backs are against the wall. I think this conference might be our best bet for some big, major announcement this year.

PC Gaming Show, June 14, 5:00am AEST

This was super weird last year, but you know what? We're going to liveblog this too. Mainly because Alex lives and breathes PC gaming. If you feel like pulling an all-nighter with us, stick around for this

Ubisoft: Tuesday, June 14, 6:00am AEST

While Alex is liveblogging the PC show, I'll most likely be liveblogging this one. Ubisoft's conference is always interesting Aisha Tyler is pretty much the only bearable celebrity E3 presenter ever. I actually can't wait for this because weird shit always occurs at Ubi's presser.

Sony: Tuesday, June 14, 11:00am AEST

Ah the Sony press conference. Always taking place at the hospitable hour of 11am. God bless you Sony.

You won't have to stay up for this one. What are we gonna see? I have no idea. Apparently new Sony is skipping the new hardware discussion this year, so no PS4.5 or whatever they're calling it these days. I expect this will still be jam-packed with games and new game announcements. Bloodborne 2 please.

Nintendo Treehouse Live: Wednesday, June 15, 2:00am AEST

Christ knows what we're going to see here. Zelda I guess?

But Link can rock climb, so all is forgiven no matter what. I'm gonna be staying up for this one. I might even liveblog it. But if this turns out to be nothing more than two YouTubers playing Nintendo games for six hours straight, I'll probably head to bed!

So that's our plans for E3 2016. Hope you can stick around. This is going to be fun.


    Hopefully Serious Sam 4 at either the PC presser or Devolver Digital bit at Sonys presser.

    If take anything from Bethesda atm, I am Zenimax's little bitch

    I'm planning on staying up to watch the MSFT event on the Xbox One via the XLEi app.

    I know this may sound sacrilegious, will I be able to watch the Sony event on the Xbox One via the Twitch app?

    This article tells you the local times, but not where (i.e. which websites) you can watch them.

      Here you go :)

      Yes... I did so last year.
      Also, you can watch it via the xbox's own events app, or via the youtube app (I watched the giantbomb stream through the youtube app this morning).

    Wrong article, dammit.

    Last edited 13/06/16 11:47 am

    I love the fact that Sony has their conference at a reasonable time...I hate that I'm never home to watch it :( Might take a sicky tomorrow.

    i'm nocturnal so I'll be joining you for the 2:30 am (14/6/16) microsoft press conference! Where can we reach you @twitter OP?

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