Here’s What We’re Most Excited For From E3

E3 is finally coming to a close, and now that we’ve had a few days to digest the conferences and all the footage: what are we most excited for?

I asked everyone around the office as to what demos and trailers piqued their interest at the annual conference, and here’s what they had to say.

Campbell Simpson, Gizmodo Australia Editor

Titanfall 2. I love giant robots and I love pretending I’m a giant robot. I really liked the original and it didn’t get the love that it deserved, so I’m hoping this sequel takes off. I also really appreciate a proper standalone single player campaign because I’m a shut-in loner and don’t like talking to other people, so this is basically GOTY of the year already for me.

Spandas Lui, Lifehacker Australia Journalist

God Of War … Kratos … *excited pig squeals*

The new game looks completely different to its predecessors and that’s not a bad thing. God Of War could use a bit of a revamp and I’m looking forward to seeing how the changes pan out.

Not sure how I feel about Kratos becoming more beardy and less ragey, though. Also, Batman VR is making me cream my pants.

Haoran Un, Allure Media Senior Developer

FIFA 17! My favourite sports game + RPG = awesome!

I don’t have the time to play through several seasons of Career mode in FIFA anymore, and I never really took to [FIFA Ultimate Team], so a new way to emotionally engage with the game (and how engaging is that trailer???) has definitely got me excited. I’m also pretty excited that Supergiant and Obsidian have games in the works.

Mark Serrels, Kotaku Australia Editor

After last night’s showing, I’m probably gonna say Zelda.

Nintendo has been promising to revolutionise Zelda for years, and they’ve never really committed to it. Until now. Breath of the Wild is a dramatically different Zelda, it’s a complete reinvention. It’s a … (I promised I wouldn’t use this word) reboot.

This new Zelda has RPG-like stats, it has a completely revamped structure, it has weapons that break. It has gorgeous new art style and emergent gameplay elements that involve fire, dynamic weather …

We are not used to seeing this kind of thing in Nintendo games.

Also, Link can rock climb. Oh my god.

Chris Jager, Lifehacker Australia Editor

Getting to “be” Batman in VR. This is the pinnacle of Western civilisation.

Alexandra Whiting, POPSUGAR Lifestyle Editor

As much as I would have liked a new Elder Scrolls, I’m pretty excited to play a remastered Skyrim on PS4. I know I’m going to fall in love with it all over again – and become highly antisocial again – unless you happen to be a Hagraven getting in the way of me and a new Dragon Shout. Then I’ll be all about you.

Amanda Yeo, Kotaku/Gizmodo/Lifehacker sub-editor

I don’t know what I’m most excited about – there were so many things that tickled my fancy. The comic geek in me is eager to play Batman Arkham VR, the Star Wars nerd in me is wants to check out the Star Wars Battlefront: X-Wing VR Mission and the deprived child who wasn’t allowed consoles in me wants to finally find out what Zelda is all about.

One game I’ve been looking forward to is Detroit: Become Human. I loved the Kara short, and really enjoyed playing through similar games like Beyond: Two Souls and Until Dawn with my sisters. The graphics look amazing, I’m a sucker for a story and the trailer indicated heavy emphasis on consequences to your choices and a branching storyline. Plus, androids. The world of sad robot narratives is widening and I am here for it.

That’s what has caught our eye in the maelstrom of E3. What are you most excited for?

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