Hideo Kojima's Next Game Is Death Stranding, Starring Norman Reedus

Video: Hideo Kojima just walked on stage at Sony's E3 press conference to show off his new studio's first project. The teaser trailer showed Norman Reedus... waking up naked on a beach with a baby and a bunch of dead fish.

Reedus and Kojima have a little bit of history, with the Walking Dead star originally due to appear in the now-dead Silent Hills.


    Kojima sure can name em

      Probably couldn't of called it "This is what I wanted to do with Silent Hills"

        It'll probably make sense once I know what it's all about. Metal Gear Solid did & stuff like Bravely Default Flying Fairy made a Heck of a lot more sense once I'd finished it.

          From the beginning scene it's a great pun of a name. Stranding someone is to leave them on shore with no way to get back, a strand is also another term for shore. My guess is that a Death Stranding is basically leaving someone for dead on an island or shore in the middle of nowhere, or more likely a place where death is assured.

            You r good, 10hundred kudos points to you

    Fun fact @jimu: the game was meant to be called Death Standing, but when Kojima called his English publisher.....

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    I want to give props to the guys that identified him as Norman Reedus from his eyes in the last concept render.

    You know, with a name like Death Stranding I don't want to hear any smack talk about how weird JRPG titles are EVER AGAIN.

    Although some of those JRPG names are pretty dodgy huh.

    Oh god yes. Bring it on. Thank jebus SOMEONE is making interesting looking concepts with a big budget.

    It looks to be a hell of an oil spill he wakes up in. No wonder all those fish are dead.

    so maybe norman reedus's skeleton is the yoji shinkawa design that was paired with the ludens figure??since he has no umbelical cord and the figures stomach does have a weird protrusion around the abdomen which might be aesthetic design or functional. or that a few of these are scattered around different dimensions trying to evolve and become smarter?, since they are given dog tags of advanced physics to help them evolve. will each dimension be a evolutionary contest to see who is able to conquer each dimension? which would tie into the multiplayer gameplay. just guesses

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