How To Access The Division's Underground DLC

If you have The Division for Xbox One or PC, you can access the game's first paid expansion, Underground, today. But how to find it? First, you need to have own it, of course. It costs $US15 ($20) (and won't be out for PS4 for about a month, such are the ways of platform exclusivity deals). The folks running the game's official Twitter account also advise people who have the game's Season Pass to ensure that they actually own the DLC by going to the online store and requesting a download. The expansion should show up as owned or free.

You'd think you'd then be able to jump into the game, head to the new entrance for the Underground that has been added to the game's HQ and get going, right? Nope!

First, you need to find the Secure Quarantine Sector mission.

You'll be fighting some level 30 enemies. At least that's who spawned for me. Do that mission.

Then go back to your HQ. Go to the back, near the rewards vendor and you'll see a new doorway:

Head on through there and you'll be in the new Terminal social space. The entrance to the Underground will now be open. Head down there and you'll wind up in this new spot:

You'll get prompts that will take you through your first actual Underground operation, and then you'll be free to just have at it.

Underground missions are designed for one to four players. You set a lot of the parameters of the missions yourself, including how many objectives you'll be going for and which difficulty tweaks to activate. A lot of these settings require a certain Underground rank, which you'll attain as you play more Underground missions.

These missions are all in no-respawn zones, so you need to play carefully. The reward aside from simply enjoying playing is the chance to get extra-good loot, without the fear of losing it that you get when grinding through the Dark Zone.

Added bonus: There are new audio logs to collect!

We've just begun playing Underground and can't yet tell if the expansion is the shot in the arm that The Division needs. We'll have impressions later this week.


    $20 on PC via Uplay.

    I think I'll wait for all the dlc to arrive (and changes and fixes to be finished) before deciding if The Division is worth spending any more money on.

      I can save you the trouble, it's not. ( own the game + season pass)

        I bought the sleeper edition with the watch and it was totally oh who am I kidding.

    Anyone tried it yet? Worth reinstalling for (if you're a soloing carebear casual scum who hated the Dark Zone and uninstalled when bored before the Incursions dropped)?

      I gave it a 20 minute run through before work this morning mate. It seems good and it is definitely soloable. The grouped content is where the better loot is though, but it's all PvE, similar to D3's Rifts.

      yes and no from the hour odd I play last night. the randomised underground activity is basically like rifts in D3... or any randomly generated content (maybe). both hard and normal can be soloed, I haven't tried challenge yet. so that's the yes part if you like such randomised content.

      the no part is basically all the faults of division that has existed since day one. RNG upon RNG layer means the loot you'll get at the end of your 10 to 30 minute adventure could be utter crap / mildly useful / godly useful. game crashes and random bugs like enemy spawn in odd places etc

      overall underground is a decent addition to the PVE content pool... it's just a shame most people will probably not see it because a) it's paid b) it's come after 2 less than stellar patches

        It should have been there to begin with prior to the DZ. Agreed with you, all in all. The stage it's in feels similar to how many 'Legendaries' D3 threw at you in the Greater & regular Rifts. All the stuff I've been getting so far has been really good.

        Transient, lemme know if you wanna group up at some stage mate.

          Probably gonna hang out for something with meatier narrative content, I suspect. That, and I've got a TONNE of stuff (not just gaming) on my plate. I'll have to finish and uninstall some titles before I make way for The Division's chunky 35+ gig.

          But if you ever see me in there on the friend list, definitely hit me up.

    How to play the division. Select uninstall. Smile.

    I gave up before I even hit the first level cap. And people rag on Destiny for being repetitive.. lol please

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