How To Deal With Dragon Quest VII And Final Fantasy XV Coming Out In The Same Month

You have probably noticed, being the lovely JRPG connoisseur you are, that September is going to be busy. In just that one month we're going to see new entries from two RPG titans: The 3DS remake of Dragon Quest VII, on September 17, and the boy band simulator Final Fantasy XV, on September 30. So when I had the opportunity to chat with Dragon Quest VII 3DS producer Noriyoshi Fujimoto and franchise producer Yu Miyake last week, I asked them about the over-crowding. Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past came out in Japan three years ago, sure, but Western gamers are now getting two massive JRPGs in the span of two weeks. "Are you guys worried at all that people won't have time to play both of them?"

"Final Fantasy XV will be on PlayStation, and Dragon Quest VII is on 3DS," Fujimoto said.

"Maybe during the movies of Final Fantasy, they can play Dragon Quest VII," Miyake said, laughing. "And then maybe when they're outside, they can play Dragon Quest VII and then when they go back home they can play Final Fantasy. And then when they're at the office or at school they can play Dragon Quest."

Well there you go. Balance achieved.


    Play more bravely second and fire emblem instead because in-house squeenix is terrible these days.

      This ain't the 13 team, this is the guy who did Crisis Core & Type-0. Two crackin good psp games.

        We are going to have to agree to disagree. I played crisis core.

          Not a fan, eh? Damn, I loved it.

          You playing Bravely Second atm? I absolutely adored everything except the late game repetition in Default but Second seems too similar to keep me interested.
          I'm making progress, but it's super slow.
          Finished Default in a week.

          I don't understand what people hate about crisis core. It has some of the best voice acting done in final fantasy games so far, has very appealing characters, and that combat with the pick up and play game style was great for my 90 minute trips to and from work via public transport. Materia Fusion added a nice depth to the customisation aspect of the game

            It's pretty inconsistent, corny and the characters are just so edgy. I love bravely default/second because it's the complete opposite of that.

              Fair enough. I just found the over- enthusiastic(and not emo) protagonist to be much more appealing than most of the cast of FFVII. Cloud was even likeable in the game. I didn't notice any more inconsistency than was already in the original FFVII.

    I'm only up to FFX and DQIV so no issue for me :-|

      You can stop final fantasy at 10 as they are all terrible after that.

        XII is f*cking brilliant. C'mon. Agree with XI and XII being terrible, never played XIV.

          I enjoyed XII for the most part(though my complaints are existent, they are not what others complained about), but seeing as Xi and Xiv are MMOs, I stayed away from them. To me, FFVII is about seeing the conclusion of this grand world the team has made. MMOs generally don't have that conclusion and so I don't see a value in investing in them

        I wanted to stop at FFVIII as 7 & 8 were crap but 9 made up for it.
        I'm really hoping FFX is good but I think I'll catch up with the DQ games first as I'm WAY behind.

          7 was crap? Did I read that correctly?

            Yes you did, it's an overrated game.
            I guess I had so much hype for it since FFVI was such a good game.

              Yeah fair enough, to each their own. I found it to be one of the seminal rpg's of its generation. Probably that and Zelda - Link to the Past on SNES.

                Technologically, it was very impressive and the next evolution in the series. However the gameplay and the story was such a downgrade from 6.
                If you loved Link to the Past you have to play Link between Worlds. Almost finished it, such a great game and a worthy sequel!

    At that point I'm still going to be making my way through all of the JRPGs releasing over the next few weeks (SO5, Grand Kingdom, Odin Sphere, I am Setsuna, Tokyo Mirage Sessions, and not quite JRPG Monster Hunter Generations). Then you've also got both God Eater games coming out just before DQVII. Even then it's only a month after FFXV comes out that World of Final Fantasy is released. At least I won't be bored.

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    Can confirm, I will be playing Dragon quest in the office

    No. Stahp. I can only RPG so much in my old age! I'm still working my way through SMT IV after it was on sale a while back. I want to rock FFXV, but DQ as well. I'm just grateful that Pokémon is later in the year.

    I'm still working on Xenoblade X and the new Fire Emblem...

    Isn't Persona 5 to be released at the same month? I'm more excited for that tbh

      In Japan, US isn't until Feb next year and EU is.... well, lucky that PS4 is region free. Unless ATLUS pulls another Persona 4 Arena.

    Love how the writer is such a fan boy of playstation and only speaks about FFXV being on PS4 when it's coming to XB1, and PS4 and soon to follow PC. EAD

      PC is not confirmed to even be in production until after the release of PS4 & XB1

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