In Case You Can't Get Enough Of Final Fantasy XV's Flying Car

Video: The flying is smooth. The landing? Not so much. I've been dreaming of the Regalia Type-F since Square Enix revealed that it didn't need roads where it was going earlier this year. Now they have released a slightly beefier look at the convertible convertible, making it more implausible and desirable at the same time.

Now all it needs is some magic cannons and maybe a mech transformation, and I'll be completely satisfied.


    Looks like a Vehicon to me... Not that there's anything wrong with that...

    It can't be a convertible as it'll ruin their hairstyles for fucks sake!

    That... Was... Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I hope we get an episode Duscae 3.0 so I can try it out.

    Why... would you ever revert to a car?

      Doing Burnouts in the air is difficult?

      Flying is louder, greater fuel consumption, can't fit into drive-thru, and it gets dirty faster surprisingly enough.

    Can't see a lot of point to it based on the videos. They always seem to be flying along the same paths that a road is going anyway... hopefully it's more than just a gimmick.

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