Bethesda Left A Hint About A New Wolfenstein Game Or Something

Bethesda Left A Hint About A New Wolfenstein Game Or Something

It wasn’t actually mentioned on stage, but the intro to Bethesda’s E3 show contained a little hint at a new Wolfenstein game/thing called New Colossus.

No word on what it is precisely, but given that all the other dates on the fake DOS screen (which was part of the intro for Quake Champions) match up with the release dates for the other games its clear that something is in the works.

Machinegames is currently hiring for senior artists, a senior animator and a gameplay/tools programmer, although it doesn’t say what for. Either way, we’ll probably hear more at Quakecon if not earlier.


  • Edit: American dates confused me, it’s Bethesda E3 and the Bethesda game account site.

    Original post: I haven’t caught up with the “deets” yet, but what are BethNet and BE3(It’s the “OS” but it’s also got a date later this year)? They look like upcoming things too. I’d like to have a 39 PB drive too.

    • I wouldn’t say never. I think that there is a pretty big crowd who have a really big soft spot for the keen games. A good re-imagining and visuals of modern platformers like the Ratchet and Clank games would be a must buy for many a 90’s kid.

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