JB Hi-Fi Is Selling the PS4 Uncharted Bundle For $399 For One Day Only

This is probably the best and cheapest PlayStation 4 bundle I've seen in a while.

It's available in-store and it's also available online if you'd rather do things that way.

For $399 you get...

— PlayStation 4 1TB console — Uncharted 4: A Thief's End — 6 Months of Presto

It's a one day only deal, so if you've been holding off on a PS4 today might be your lucky day.

That being said, there is a possibility Sony announces that whole PlayStation 4.5 thing next week at E3, so you might want to hold off for that. The announcement of a new PlayStation console might drive prices down a little.

But yeah, I dunno. This is still a very good price.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in!


    pretty good deal. they also have some good deals on dvds and blurays. I grabbed stargate sg1 dvd box set and the hobbit extended editions blurays

    Of course they're going to provide good deals now: the deals need to be good to overcome peoples' better judgement to wait until the PS4.5 reveal (price and specs).

      I would have been all over this if I didn't know a PS4.5 were coming.

      That and it's end of the financial year so they want to clear out as much stock as they can.

    6 Months of Presto

    Assuming Presto are still around in 6 months... does anybody actually use it? :P

      I had a free trial I forgot to cancel and for now I'm not inclined to do so. My wife is watching X-Files and I've been checking out Mr. Robot. It's also picking up Netflix's sloppy seconds in terms of movie releases so it's got a decent catalogue in case you missed it the first time around. The app kinda sucks (and the web interface is a bit chuggy) but it's functional on PS4.

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