JB Hi-Fi Tomb Raider Box Is Way Better Than The Original

Especially the game description on the back.

So sometimes JB Hi-Fi sells used games even if they don't have the proper box.

That's a little bit sketchy, but goddamn, if every used game I bought from JB Hi-Fi had cover art like this I would buy a lot more used games.

This one was found by Doug. Thanks for sending it in!


    10/10 I would have bought that instead of one with an original case. I love how JB allows their staff to do these fun little things.

    EBGames has been selling games without the original packaging for over a decade but they've always had a stock standard company issued cover. This though, is how it should be done.

      Didn't someone do a custom job on a few games at EB and get into trouble for it?

      I think Kotaku has had some of the custom covers from EB.

    I probably would've bought that even though I don't own an Xbone.

    Like, I dunno, like, if this is, like, better.. you know?

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