Katana Restaurant Opens In Tokyo

Katana Restaurant Opens In Tokyo

At Touken Saryou in Akihabara, you can eat, drink and look at beautiful, yet deadly, cold steel.

[Image: digitarou]

Perhaps hoping to capitalise on the katana mania among some Japanese women, Touken Saryou has a variety of swords on display at its establishment.

The swords have all been certified by The Society for Preservation of Japanese Art Swords. They are not merely blades, but works of art and pieces of Japanese heritage.

According to AnimeAnime, these valuable swords are housed behind strong glass in showcases in which the temperature and humidity are regulated. Because of this, the temperature inside the restaurant is cool. However, there are blankets available to cover your lap should you be sensitive to the cold.

The restaurant serves up Japanese food as well as various desserts and cocktails, reports Famitsu. As of posting, the restaurant is booked until July 3. Hopefully after that, it will be possible to get reservations.


  • This just makes me think of the Far Side cartoon where a chicken floats into a Samurai Bar.

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