Tekken X Street Fighter Is Still Happening. Maybe.

Tekken X Street Fighter Is Still Happening. Maybe.

Way back in 2010, Capcom and Namco Bandai jointly announced they were working on two cross-over video games: Street Fighter X Tekken and the similarly named Tekken X Street Fighter. The former, produced by Capcom, appeared to little fanfare in 2012. Since then, there has been little word on Tekken X Street Fighter’s development which led many to assume the project had been quietly cancelled.

But then, Street Fighter’s Akuma weirdly popped up in Tekken 7 and fans begun to wonder: could the long-languishing title still see the light of day? We asked Tekken’s longtime producer Katsuhiro Harada, who happened to be wandering about the E3 showroom floor. Here’s what he had to say…

Now bear in mind that this response was delivered through a translator, so the wording may be sightly off here and there:

We did develop quite far into the project. It’s not cancelled per se but still kind of pending. This is because of the condition we and Capcom are currently in. The timing’s not that great because they want to focus on their Street Fighter 5 platform and we’re trying to focus on Tekken 7.
We’ve been talking with [SF producer] Ono san and strategising about how not to divide the communities into fragments and when is the best timing. Those discussions kind of led to the decision to at least put it on hold for now.

“Kind of pending.” It doesn’t bode well, does it? Then again, why bother mentioning that you’re “quite far” into the project if there are zero plans to resurrect it?

Maybe we’ll get a pseudo release via additional DLC characters in Tekken 7. At least some of the character models and move sets must be fairly close to completion. It wouldn’t take a huge amount of effort to finish them off, right? Right? I’ve been waiting for this shit a long time. Let me dream.


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