Korean Woman Kicks Arse At Overwatch, Gets Accused Of Cheating [Updated]

Korean Woman Kicks Arse At Overwatch, Gets Accused Of Cheating [Updated]

Meet Geguri. She’s 17 and very, very talented at Overwatch. She’s so good that after beating rivals during Nexus Cup qualifiers, other players accused her of cheating. Update – June 22 8:30pm: More details added below.

Check out her stats. As PC Games N notes, playing as Zarya, she has a win rate of 80 per cent and a KDA of 6.31. She’s new to the esports scene and one of the highest ranked Zarya players.

Korean site Inven reports that one thing that raised suspicion was the incredible accuracy with which she killed enemies. Check out this slowed down playback.

Korean Woman Kicks Arse At Overwatch, Gets Accused Of Cheating [Updated]

According to PC Games N and Redditor Calycae, two pros said they’d quit if she wasn’t cheating. And after Blizzard reportedly said she wasn’t, they did just that.

Inven hosted a livestream of Geguri so she could further clear her name for those who still didn’t believe she wasn’t cheating. The site also noted that the reaction against her certainly seemed due to discrimination, and the stream should end any controversy about her abilities. Good.

You can watch the Inven stream on Twitch or via the YouTube clip below:

You can subscribe to her team’s YouTube channel here.

Update: As tipster Sang points out, the whole thing started when an Inven forum member named Ping Ddak posted that Geguri might be cheating, because it looked like her aiming was sticking too precisely on enemies. After that, members of the team Dizziness began saying that Gerguri was using some sort of cheat.

Via Inven (translation by Sang), Dizziness member Strobe is quoted as saying, “If this problem is confirmed as a hack, it would have caused a problem to our career and reputation. How will you take responsibility for that?” Strobe is also quoted as saying, “If there is a problem with our sponsors and such, I may visit Geguri’s house with a knife in hand. I am not joking.” In addition to Strobe, the other Dizziness accuser was a player named ELTA.

Geguri belongs to a team called UW Artisan, and the team’s manager, who goes by the name Lime, apparently got several calls from Blizzard Korea, confirming that she wasn’t using cheats or hacks. Lime apparently recorded these conversations with Blizzard as proof and then posted all of said proof online right here.

According to Lime, the Dizziness players supposedly said if it was proven that Geguri didn’t cheat, they would visit her in person and apology. They also apparently said they would quit Overwatch and retire from esports.

After Lime’s post went live, the Inven forum member who started it all, Ping Ddak, wrote an apology (here), saying he didn’t think through the accusations he made, feels deeply responsible and would like to apologise to Geguri in person.

The manager of Dizziness, who goes by the name Raccoon, also posted an apology (here). He said that this was the first time he’s been a team manager and that he should’ve handled the situation differently. He also said that Strobe never said he would quit, however. He ended his statement by saying he will take responsibility for what happened and is disbanding the team.

In ELTA’s apology (here), he writes that Geguri’s play was at a level that it was so good, it was unbelievable. He says he blames himself and that he simply thought she was cheating. ELTA added that he was truly sorry and added that he’s not only quitting the team but also leaving the Overwatch scene.

And finally, Strobe posted his apology (here). He admitted to making the knife remark, which is deeply troubling. He also said he was incredibly sorry he could not control his anger and very much feels responsible. Strobe said he was leaving the Overwatch scene forever.


    • Everyone knows you vote for heals first. Unless there was a Bastion with play of the game, in which case they deserve your vote.

      • Man, one of my absolutely favourite things about Overwatch is seeing people get super salty about a Bastion play of the game.

        To the extent where a friend and I often play a Mercy/Bastion combo on defense, almost entirely to watch people rage when PotG pops for whoever happens to be playing Bastion at the time.

  • It can be frustrating to play against someone better then you, and it’s really easy to just say that they are cheating, but most of the time, they’re just really good.

    • yeah for sure, played a game a couple nights ago, continuously rolled by a tracer player, he/she ended up with 58 Eliminations or something crazy and maybe 2 deaths… just had to admit defeat and internalise the rage.

      • I’m normally pretty chill even in online multiplayer. But many rounds, I’ve caught myself yelling out expletives.

        I live alone. I’m yelling at the walls.

        • The game tends to make you so salty =P When it’s a close game, it’s not bad. When it’s steamrolled either way, it’s not so much fun

          • Yeah I got steamrolled in the beta a few times and ended up raging. Haven’t bought the full release yet XD

          • My suggestion would be, play the AI until you have a good grasp of the characters and how to use them, but be aware that it does not prepare you for playing against people at all. =P

          • Oh I have a very good handle on the characters, that doesn’t prepare you for the utter onslaught of a well put together team vs 3 Widowmakers, a tracer and a couple of tanks with no support and not enough mobility when you’re attacking XD

            Sigh, now I’m thinking about it and how much fun I had playing the game XD

          • In some cases I’d say playing against AI is actually MUCH harder than real people… I discovered immediately that trying to learn those flanker types like Genji, Reaper, etc, against a team of actual aimbots is utterly infuriating.

            The moment you pop out on a flank route the AI automatically knows where you are without fail… Simply not the case versus real people.

            Watching the AI killcams is hilarious though seeing the crosshairs instantly snap from target to target no matter where they are.

        • When I yell expletives at the screen during Overwatch, it’s for many reasons.
          1) Get killed by Player A. Switch to a character to try and counter Player A, and get killed by Player A because they’re just that better. Yell expletives at self for being a noob.
          2) Get killed by Player A. Switch to a character to try and counter Player A, and get killed by Player B because they’re just better or a counter to my new character. Yell expletives at self for being a noob.
          3) Nobody’s contesting a capture point, and the opposing team has it at 90% and our team is still 0%. I repeatedly die trying to jump on the point, in full view of both teams, to stop their count going up. I struggle to understand what’s going through my teammates’ heads. I imagine they’re thinking I’m a useless noob. We of course lose. “GG” someone else on the team says sarcastically, “way to contest the point.” A Bastion or Torbjorn gets Play of the Game. Cue extreme yelling at the screen followed by a ragequit.

          • Situation #1 and #2 are where I find myself playing Junkrat once again… It almost always works out for me. He seems to be the one character I can go toe to toe with just about anyone on, has a really well rounded set of skills all things considered.

            Especially when I’m being annoying by good Tracer/Genji players, Junkrat traps in odd places are absolutely magical.

        • I am probably a horrible person to be on teamspeak with while playing. Yell bloody murder at all the things.
          My dog has taken to going outside as soon as I sit down at my pc cause he knows what’s coming. I feel kinda bad.

          • He’s the sensitive type. Or as I like to say; a massive sook.
            It might also be because he keeps trying to climb on my lap while I’m playing but I won’t let him :p

          • Sid doesn’t mind me swearing, but runs for the back door when it’s my brother shouting

          • Aww, poor Sid.
            Boss does like being outside at night as well though – he is all black and takes advantage of this to ambush the local cats that stray into my yard 😀

      • I usually comment with “fucking Tracer. Everyone can play her but me!”
        Or something along the lines of people like you who play characters well make me so salty. Because you’re complimenting them, while also releasing some steam =P

        • You are either a garbage tracer player or a tracer god, there is no in between. Most of the ones you do notice fall into the latter category, so your impressions are often skewed that way into thinking everyone but you is good at her.

          • I’ll concede that point with lucio. I just can’t play him. I know he is easy, I know he is great in practically every team comp conceivable but I personally just suck with him.

          • I can’t do the pushback very well. I tend to try and spam it.

            I suck with most heroes. I should probably mention that =P

          • Hanzo is my bane. Every other player can snipe me through a pinhole from the other side of the map in the brief moment I jump anywhere near their field of view.
            Whereas I can’t hit a Roadhog at 10 meters.

          • I’m yet to find any individual hero that consistently kicks my butt. Generally, if I see they’re staging with a widowmaker or a pharah or reinhart, there are always ways to counter or flank or just avoid. So when I start to get dominated by a particular player with a particular hero, there are ways to minimise the butthurt.

            That said, actually successfully flanking/countering/avoiding is something else entirely.

        • I always just try and remember to keep things in perspective. Sometimes it’s not me or my performance, but my team performance and the opponents. If my team insist on running a stupid line up while they have a full compliment of variety, then generally we’re in for a bad time.

          Sometimes it’s just being outclassed by a player, or players, who know they’re hero skills a bit better, know the map better or just have better luck in those clutch moments.

          All those things are generally outside our control. And when our animal brain tries to find explanations for why things aren’t going our way, the easy answer is HAX.

          • Oh i know. Sometimes I do well, sometimes, not so much. I will saying they’re hackers to people on ts, but I’m just frustrated. I don’t actually believe it.

          • You make a very good point and a lot of people don’t have the awareness and knowledge of human behaviour/social psychology to make proper assessments of why they have been beaten.

            Sadly rage gets amplified when (without having any concrete data but based on anecdotal evidence, internet articles such as these and speaking with female gamers) it’s directed at females.

            A rather simple but quite effective explanation of team/player rage is the in-group/out-group effect. When a team/player is being beaten to protect their self-esteem there is a strong tendency to externalise blame either onto the opponent (such as hacks accusations) or onto team mate’s (particularly when the team mate’s aren’t friends – there are layers of in/out-groups) being baddies. It’s not a considered assessment (in fact making a considered assessment is quite contrary to protecting self-esteem in these situations).

            When a victim/source of blame is a known female things become worse as it begins antagonising into a male gamer’s (really it’s applicable into many other aspects of life as well) sense of masculine identity which means an even greater irrational approach is required. Hence that Strobe fella mentioned in the article went as far as threatening this Korean lass physically – my bet is that if the victim was male Strobe wouldn’t have had such an irrational response as it wouldn’t have threatened his masculine identity.

        • A lot of the Tracer’s appear better than they are because most people have trouble aim tracking at her speed. Dominating Tracer’s rely on that (which is a bit of a “duh” statement) but quickly find themselves on the back foot when they come across someone that can track and aim well.

    • Going back a number of years, I had the fortune of having some very good FPS players as friends. Very good. Some of them were world ranked at the time (this was late 90’s/early 00’s).

      I wasnt that bad, in general in the top third with normal games, but were a shadow on them, so when I went into our LAN and online games I knew I was going to be coming last a good bunch of the time, with the exceptions being luck, or the occasional mistake on their part.

      It didnt make it any better knowing they WERE better players than me, but I was comforted by the fact that a) I was bigger than most of them, and b) they were either in the same room (so I could whack em) or I’d see them at work on Monday (so I could whack em).

      And even knowing they werent cheating didnt help. If anything, it tempted me to cheat, just to keep up. I didnt, I’m not that sort of person, but I did feel frustrated.

      • I’ve nothing to add in response, just letting you know I enjoyed this story. Give one of ’em a nostalgic whack for me if you see them again.

  • Of course she’s cheating. If it’s not lag, it’s hax. There’s no other possible conceivable reason why you might have been outclassed.

    • lol I remember back in the day of CS1.6 getting screamed at for hacking all the time. ALL the damn time.

      Of course those were the times we WERENT using wallhax and aimbots… 😉 lol

  • two pros said they’d quit if she wasn’t cheating.

    Seriously, if she’s found out to be legitimate they’ll quit? Why? Because she’s female and better than them? Suck it up. They’re neither pro’s then nor will they likely be missed. Best of luck to her!

      • 2 year olds don’t throw tantrums when they get beaten by girls lol, they generally don’t care about gender 🙂

        I’d say more like a 13 year old hissyfit over clearly unreasonable crap.

    • It’s just a ‘money where your mouth is’ thing. Like ‘if this table is real mahogany I’ll eat my hat’. Good on them for actually carrying through with their word, most people wouldn’t.

      • I guess that’s fair, but then, do you really pat them on the back for quitting when she’s proven she’s that good? Wouldn’t it be better for them to concede they were wrong, apologise and move on?

        • They said they’d quit after making quite serious accusations against her. If they went back on their words after they were proven wrong, they’d lose ALL credibility forever. At least this way they only made one mistake (making stupid accusations) because saying “oh, we were just lying about quitting” would have more than doubled it.

    • I assumed it was because they were like, ‘that’s the competition?! holy shit, I’ve got no chance. I quit’, rather than it being because of her specifically

  • Man, I could only watch that vid for a few seconds. Mouselook is so jittery.

    I’ll stick to consoles 😛

  • The problem is the first reaction to a good play is “They cheated” rather than “Thats impressive, how did you do that?”

    I never understood he know-it-all attitude that comes from being able to say someone cheated… if you dont know how they cheated. Is it not sheer arrogance that 2 pros say cheater or I quit.

    Anyone cheating wouldnt be able to explain or defend their skill if they were asked to explain their plays or skills in aplayer to player… which she did immediately on accusation.

    If they want to encourage more players (boys and girls) in esports they need to be able to share and encourage skills in others… not accuse anyone of cheating the instant they show any skill.

  • Ooh. Elite Zarya player. *takes notes*

    More punching.
    More particle grenades.
    Have competent team mates.

    • I noticed the melee too. I swear she has a buddy healer because I cannot attempt any of that shit in game as I get utterly nailed to the wall in seconds. I’ve had a few games with a great healer and you can get similar results so it definitely helps.

      Just comparing her stats vs mine and her kills are definitely better that mine though she also have over 4 times the amount of games played that I do. Either way it was a good watch to try and learn something off as I enjoy Zarya aswell.

      EDIT: Also being stuck playing solo queue doesn’t help me.

  • In my experience the most reliable way to see if someone else is cheating or not is to check their movement: if the person in question moves well and strafes to get other players into their reticule it’s almost never a cheater, on the flipside if someone has great aim but terrible movement it usually is some form of cheating.

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