Limbo Is Free On Steam Right Now

How long is this going to last? I have no idea. For that reason I recommend that you run to Steam as fast as your virtual legs can carry you. Download Limbo and enjoy one of the most interesting video games of the last decade.

For free.

Why is it free? If I had to hazard a guess I'd say it's something to do with Playdead's next title, Inside, being very close to release. Inside is scheduled for a July 7 release and, by all early accounts, is a very good game indeed.

Therefore it is probably a good idea to prep for that game's release by playing Limbo. For free.

I repeat: for free.


    Free on Xbox as well, Uncle Mark - for the same above reason ("Inside")

      Yeah did you not watch the Xbox conference Mark - they made it free to promote Inside

    I bought this game on disk for PC, but never got around to installing it on my newer computer, this is a good opportunity to do just that without having to break out the disk.

    And it is for sure a great game, I do indeed recommend a play. While it's not overly long by any means, it's an interesting puzzle platformer.

    Fuck. Bought Limbo when it was on sale years ago- NEVER actually got around to playing it. Now it's just wasted money.

    I've got to STOP BUYING GAMES. I never play them and then they become available for less (or nothing) and I've just wasted more money. That's the reason I have an iron-cast policy of never buying ANYTHING for less than 75% off, but even that's proving to not be enough!

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