Link Might Rock Climb In The New Zelda

Link Might Rock Climb In The New Zelda

Oh my god.

Please let his happen. I need this to happen.

I love video games. I love rock climbing. I love climbing in video games.

I also love Zelda.

If these things all combine like some sort of twisted cross-polinating Voltron? I might just collapse in some sort of pleasure induced stupor.

I will say though, rock climbing with a shield and sword strapped to your back? That’s at least and extra 15-20 kg of weight you’re carrying up the wall. Link has some serious strength-to-weight ratio going on there. I can’t even climb with a shirt on.


  • Imagine how well you’d climb without pants? Extra limb for support…I mean, I miss Zelda. Such an awesome series. Pull your finger out Nintendo.

    • Nobody wants to see a man climbing sans pants. It would be horrific for others and in no way dignified for the climber. Remember how traumatic it was as a kid if you spotted yer old man bending over to pick up the bathmat?

  • Sorry Mark,
    Is this just hope on your part based on the above pic or have Nintendo said something about it on the sly? Because honestly, it’s getting harder and harder to keep a lid on Zelda 😀

    • it’s based on the leaked picture I think.
      But Mark cannot contain his excitement if it’s true.

  • Hahaha, foresaw this article the moment I saw this pic. “Serrels is gonna have a fit” 😛

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