Live Chat: What We Think Of E3 So Far

So how's E3 been treating you? Mark's been up since 1am and is ready to go home and sleep. Alex's day started at 4am — so he's bright and bushy. Here we are on Facebook Live talking through our personal highs and lows of E3 2016 so far!

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      Dammit @alexwalker I said this as a joke but now it is bugging me. You better not have forgotten in your no doze haze

        Dawn of War 3, obviously. Cmon.

          A few things caught my interest there
          Mount and blade 2: Looks more of the same which is a good thing
          Oxygen Not Included: Mark of the ninja is one of my fav ever games but this looks more like don't starve
          Dual Universe: Looks interesting although the term 'emergent gameplay' has me concerned
          Chivalry: Might and magic: Could be fun but don't see it a full time thing
          DOW:3: Not 100% sold, looks like large battles but without any base building so not sure how that will work

            The one that wasn't on my radar was Overland. That looks really, really neat.

              It looks like organ trail meets massive chalice

    Its crazy to compare your own impressions of conferences against others. I thought Ubisoft's conference dragged on & on. The pacing was completely off. South Park the fractured but whole looked fantastic though & that trailer was hilarious.

    The Xbox conference pacing was better & they got the marketing of scorpio right with the support of some big names in the games industry. Personally just a lack of interesting IPs brought it down a little. I didn't see the appeal of Sea of Thieves but reaction is pretty divided on it.

    Sony's conference was sharp. Just like xbox they nailed the pacing. They didn't get bogged down in interviews and extended gameplay videos like Ubi. They kept the conference moving at a frenetic pace. I think their portfolio of games is way stronger then xbox. That definitely elevated it above all the other conferences.

    The absence of Neo is very interesting however. I think Microsoft & Xbox's gamble to reveal Scorpio and get the right messaging across was huge. Its now back on Sony to reveal it & market it correctly. All the while juggling PS VR. Verrrrry interesting.

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      Scorpio is releasing at the end of next year. Sony has plenty of time to nail what Neo is and how to present it. I think Microsoft played their hand too early. It's shades of the XB1/PS4 announcement - Sony absolutely capitalised on the fact MS went first.

        Absolutely? There is no way to know that until both consoles have been released. I think it will be interesting how this will play out. I want both consoles to do well.

          I meant they capitalised on announcing the PS4 after the XB1. I reckon they'll do it again with Neo.

            'Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it'. Perhaps you're right but I also think Microsoft won't be as careless as they were with the original XB1. Either way should be interesting!

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